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A huge shock on Bank Peako! Nobody knew about it, customers fell into the ground

Bank Pekao has undergone major changes for more than twelve months and is increasingly dynamic. Millions of customers of institutions under the sign of the characteristic bison came up against the message that threw them into the ground. Nobody was prepared for such a turnaround.

Bank Pekao is the first choice of many Poles. Anyone who decided to give their money to the bank order could be surprised by having the latest information about his favorite.

A very prestigious institution with an international reputation spoke out about the recent activities of Pekao. Things that can be read in their report can be surprising for many people.

Bank Pekao customers have buried the ground after the latest information

The situation of Bank Pekao decided to carefully examine experts from Morgan Stanely, one of the world's largest players in financial advice. An institution that operates in dozens of countries around the world revealed a truth that no one knew yet.

It turned out that Pekao won the title of the best Polish bank in the last twelve months. How is this possible? Experts emphasize that "it offers the best exposure to Poland". And it is known that the economy of our country is the strongest in the Eastern European region.

The bank's purchases in 2017 were not without significance. It was then that big money for shares was issued, among others PZU. The constantly improving situation led to Pekao overtaking the current leader of most categories, PKO BP.

– Since the purchase of shares in PZU and PFR in the second quarter of 2017, Pekao has improved its operations and has recently entered into PKO BP in the growth of interest and commission income, capital growth and optimization of sites and staff – you can read in the reports published on the portal Bankier.pl.



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Good image in the eyes of experts

Experts do not understand why the accelerating Pekao is not well received by the market.

– These performances require capital expenditures, so cost control compared to PKO BP is not as effective. But the fact that the market does not appreciate the operational results of Pekao is incorrect – they add.

Such good results could not go unnoticed. Morgan Stanley gave his recommendations to the bank. It is a very good sign for potential customers, showing that it is worth transferring part of their money to the management of the Pekao bank,


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