A mandatory mask at work from Saturday. Even in the kitchen and canteen

The change stems from the fact that the new restrictions – as a result of the cabinet regulation – require that the mouth and nose be covered in rooms where more than one person is present. And there are no exceptions to this.

Until now, the mask was mandatory in the case of customer service or customer service. However, other people performing professional duties did not have to cover their mouths and noses. – Until now, politicians who, for example, appeared in front of the cameras without a covered mouth and nose referred to the performance of official tasks. But this exception also allowed employees to avoid the mask when performing their official duties – says Piotr Nietrzpiel, a legal adviser at the law firm Wojewódka i Wspólnicy, quoted by praw.pl.

According to the lawyer, almost everyone will have to walk in the workplace after the change of masks, unless they work in a single room or are not covered by another exception.


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In practice, the new wording of the regulations means that in the workplace, the mouth and nbspnos are not only in a room where more than two people are sitting, but also in an open space (even if the distance is greater than 1.5 meters), in the kitchen, in the dining room, etc..

In the context of meals, the new wording of the regulation seems bizarre. – According to the regulation, the consumption of meals in the company’s canteen should take place individually. It seems that by changing the current wording of the provision, the legislature went – reasonably – too far – according to Jakub Kowalski, lawyer, partner in the Mirosławski, Galos, Mozes Law Firm. It is also impossible to eat a sandwich at the counter (unless we work alone in the room).



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