Agnieszka Hyży sharp about the Godlewski sisters. Will they be prosecuted?

On 11 November, a new video of Godlewski sisters appeared in the network. Internet pseudo cell rubles, especially known for their provocative, vulgar appearance (and one of them also caused by a loud accident, which led to, in a state of intoxication), decided to celebrate the 100th anniversary of regaining independence by Poland. They posted on the video network, where they sing the Polish national anthem, and earlier they announce it with a "sensual" tone. This performance of Internet users is not only treated as an online joke, because it is usually approached by "Godlewski songs", but as a profanation of the national anthem. Dissatisfaction was also expressed by presenter Agnieszka Hyży.

"Shame, and it has ceased to be funny … There are situations, events, symbols, occasions that are not open to discussion, do not require translation, and certainly can not be a background to … just what? ? Not today, not now and usually NEVER, & # 39; Hyży began .The presenter believes that the sons of Godlewski are being punished for their video, in which they sing the Polish anthem.

Agnieszka Hyży about the Godlewski sisters: "It is their punishment"

"It's not enough to laugh at it, it's necessary to boycott and then punish." And it's raw! The media let such a phenomenon arise as the G-sisters, now they're surprised that something like the embarrassing singing of the Polish national anthem can be committed (still signed on the president) in pseudo-sexy poses and minas … let the media now set the public they will abolish and describe .I hope there are people in this country who are see and say the level of shame … do not buy, do not tolerate, you have to destroy something! "- she wrote hard.

"Let's celebrate, on one level, with dignity … as it belongs to the uniqueness and magnificence of this moment" – she added at the end. It turned out that "Sisters G", as the presenter describes them, did not leave these words without comment. In her next message, Hyży admitted that the "stars" attacked her, using paving stones, private and untrue arguments, that violated the good name of her family. "Apparently others are missing," she remarked. She also said she did not expect her entry to arouse so much interest. The presenter explained that she received many messages in which internet users express their indignation, shame and shame with the Godlewski film. What's more, there are also people who want to deal with the case from the legal side.

"Lawyers from different quarters talked to me, institutions – they already work on the legal aspect of the case and everyone, pro deo in the name of rules and respect for certain symbols and circumstances, wants to do something about it. Silence and lack of reaction are silent consent, the one who will speak first and say NO, will always come through in the interest of the case – I will deal with it consciously! "- wrote Hyży.

Godlewski sisters summoned by Rafał Collins

Interestingly, TVN's journalist, Rafał Collins, became seriously interested in the case. He gave Godlewski an ultimatum: or 13.11. by noon they will remove the film from the network, or cause the celebrities to be brought to justice.


According to the journalist in a statement on Facebook, in connection with the fact that the Godlewski film is still not removed, his lawyers have already reported that Godlew sisters could commit a crime.

I wonder how this case will continue.

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