Anna Lewandowska has already felt the saint and decorated a Christmas tree together with Klara. The picture also shows the living room

Anna Lewandowska does not waste time and only leaves her holiday preparations at the last minute. Already in November, the trainer decided to decorate the Christmas tree. Of course, she shared a photo of a beautifully decorated tree on Instagram.

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Klara Lewandowska is watching a cartoon in which the character is her father

Anna Lewandowska praised the Christmas tree

The trainer posted new photos on Instagram. We can see that she and her family are ready for Christmas. In the photos, Anna Lewandowska shows off a beautifully decorated Christmas tree.

A picture with a Christmas tree … In November. Too early? Probably yes, but … does it matter? I love CHRISTMAS because they give me the peace I miss. It is a time of joy and beautiful moments with my loved ones. We need normalcy, a return to our customs and traditions, which is why we have already decorated the Christmas tree today – wrote Anna Lewandowska.

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The trainer also added that she plans to celebrate the pre-Christmas spirit all through December, preparing the house for Christmas, creating an Advent calendar for kids, and baking gingerbread cookies.

I want to enjoy this beautiful time as long as possible, and sometimes even taste mulled wine in the evenings – wrote Anna Lewandowska.

The fans were delighted with the trainer’s Christmas tree, but we also saw the living room. Fragments of it can be seen in the photos published by Anna Lewandowska. It is already known to have a light floor, a white carpet and long and heavy curtains. However, large windows do not have curtains. Looking at the photos, it can be concluded that the Lewandowski living room is simple and modest, but at the same time elegant and classically finished.

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