Anna Popek ended a relationship with a younger partner. Next time, the journalist wants to make sure

At the beginning of last year, the media reported that Anna Popek fell in love with an eleven years younger man who is engaged in photography. The couple was connected by passion. Together they decided to keep a blog and prepare a travel program. The journalist also happened to pose in front of Tomasz Krupa’s lens.

The relationship between Anna and a photographer who was younger than her did not last long. Now there are reports of the breakup. Let’s remind you that the couple met at the premiere of the movie. The photographer was charmed by the presenter, but at first she insisted on friendship, which eventually grew into great love.

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Anna Popek broke up with her partner

The happy moments at the side of the 41-year-old man quickly passed. As we read in “World & People”, the couple decided to split up. The journalist does not keep an eye on any candidate. In addition, Popek assures that in the future he has no intention of coming into contact with anyone he will not marry.

She just got lucky with 41-year-old photographer Mr. Tomasz. Now she confesses that the relationship is over. And no one new appeared in her life. She explains that she doesn’t want to participate until she meets someone she knows could be on the wedding carpet with him, the magazine wrote.

Let’s remind you that Anna Popek was on the wedding carpet in 1996. She had two daughters with her husband, Andrzej Popek. In 2011, the couple divorced, citing “strong philosophical differences that made it impossible to continue” the TV host.

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It seems that after parting with Tomasz Krupa, the journalist will primarily focus on her professional life, in which she has been consistently successful for years. She will certainly be a little more careful in choosing a mate and a candidate for a spouse at the same time.

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