Assassin’s Creed ends Valhalla explained – who is Eivor, Sigurd, Basim, what’s (secret) Jotunheim, Asgard?

There is no doubt that the ending of the Assassin’s Creed Valhalla story campaign is very complicated. Well, it will keep you in suspense until the final whistle, becoming one of the most interesting stories Ubisoft has ever presented us.

I have often heard the statement that someone does not understand the ending. I have to admit that I belonged to this group first, and my theories didn’t come to mind until the day after I finished the game, when I cooled down. If you want to know what – in my opinion – Darby McDevitt (the lead director of the aforementioned production) wanted to convey to the audience, take a look at the section of the text below. I would like to point out that these are just my personal thoughts, and the truth may be different.

The next part of the text contains massive spoilers for Eivor, Sigurd, Basim, Halfdan, Odin, Tyr, Thor, Loki, Layla, Isu and Desmond herself. If Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is still ahead of you, I recommend coming back here later so you don’t spoil the fun!

So let’s start at the beginning without further ado. To understand the endgame set in Hyrdafylke, we need to take a look at the secret ending starring Isu (First Civilization). It will appear on our monitors after completing ten Animus anomalies across England. If you do not want to perform this activity, you can watch the video in this place.

While looking at the secret ending, we can see the Norse gods: Odin, Tyr, Thor, Freya or also Loki, killing an unidentified hero – it is quite possible that it is Hajmdal (Heimdell), who would die at the hands of a giant specialized in deception. All the gods gave their genetic code to children locked in yellow capsules (they look like BB from Death Stranding) so that they later become wise, ie people experiencing reincarnation. They did this so that Odin, Tire, and Loki could be reborn in a new body after the inevitable Ragnarok.

Assassin’s Creed ends Valhalla explained – who is Eivor?

Looking at the secret ending, Eivor is the reincarnation of Odin, the main Norse god, who tried to cheat his fate, as is the protagonist of the French title, who at all costs did not want to betray his brother, like Valka, one in Norway-based oracle, predicted him. later in the game – Raven’s Landing.

Due to the fact that we are Odin, the other Odin, telling us what to do during important elections, is trying to make us a totally ignorant, foolish and at the same time ruler of all regions of England, killing almost every person who will to oppose. Strange as it may sound, Eivor (Odin) deceives fate in this way and defies the real Odin who appears in “dark” moments. In addition, it is presented perfectly in the final mission where Eivor fights with the one-eyed god. By leaving his ax (by hiding it in his inventory), Eivor shows that he is no longer interested in doing harm.

Assassin’s Creed ending explained Valhalla – who is Sigurd?

Tyr appears in the game world thanks to … Sigurd. Fulke, a high-ranking member of the Order of the Ancients, told the truth by telling Eivorov (Odin) that his half-brother was a god and not an ordinary man. We don’t know exactly what person Fulke was hiding behind, since she knew Tyr’s true identity, but we do know that her job was to remind Sigurd of the Isu language to enter a hidden temple in Norway.

Plus, Tyr was destined to lose one hand, just like before Ragnarok. While neutralizing Fenrir, Loki’s son, the god of battle and strength, lost his arm, as did Sigurd when he was tortured by Fulke, which only reinforces the theory that Sigurd is simply the reincarnation of the real Tyr.

Assassin’s Creed ending explained Valhalla – who is Basim?

Basim is Loki. As you may have noticed in the secret ending, Loki was originally not allowed to submit his genetic code, which would end the discussion between the rest of the gods and the imposter. However, Loki kills another Norse god and eventually takes it as Basim in the future. From the very beginning, the Assassin was seeking revenge and detachment from his destiny, so he joined the Brotherhood of the Hidden to end the lives of those who hurt his son – Fenrir, and if you have read the above part of the text, you will know that it was Eivor (Odin) and Sigurd (Tire).

Basim encourages Sigurd to find the temple and tries to make him team up with Fulke on every turn, which may indicate that the hidden assassin knew in the middle of the game what form Tyr was hiding (he could have learned about it after we saved Sigurd of Suthsexe, when he and Basim returned by boat to Raven’s Landing. Then Tyr knew of his fate that he must have said to the Assassin).

However, the dialogues reveal that he (Sigurd) initially mistook him (Sigurd) for Odin and considered Eivora as Tyra, because Loki, while learning about the plot in the Cent region, tells us (before rescuing Sigurd, near the fire) that he had a son and is currently struggling with pain caused by the desire for him. He says he was taken by someone he trusted who was his mentor – Odin, of course. It was a very strange, unclear scene, but looking at it now, it tells us at that point who the actual member of the Order of the Hidden is.

Moreover, it was not wise to connect Basim to the simulation system, as Odin and Tyr thought. Loki was trapped in the darkness with three Norns (weaving his lot, and when it was done, they could have left the Assassin) for over a thousand years, destined to leave the temple. It was, of course, made possible by Layla, whose main goal from the beginning of AC Origins was to save the world from another catastrophe.

Assassin’s Creed Ending Valhalla Explained – What is Asgard and Jotunheim?

In short, the storytelling campaign in Asgard and Jotunheim is a pure illusion intended to confuse us. The mythical lands are actually the cities of Isu, where Havi (Odin) meets many characters from the first civilization (especially in the latter location), as it is their home. Without the aforementioned hero and Tyr, Loki, Thor (Halfdan) and Freya (Valka’s mother), here we meet, among others, Angrboda, who is Aletheia, and Loki’s lover with whom she has a child – Fenrir. It is she, along with the god of deception, who tries to neutralize us so that we do not have time to harm their children. Anyway, when Basim grabs a scepter in a Norwegian temple, he calls it and asks if the woman is still with him.

Moreover, Hyrrokin, who disagrees with Aletheia, is actually Juno, who – as you probably remember well – does not live up to the said representative of Isu. The woman is trying to bring her husband back to life (to create a sage using honey), Aita, who we can hear while at Mimir’s well and with Odin. Juno doesn’t want to talk too much about it, knowing that this action would cause Suttongr (King of Jotunheim, home of Isu-Jupiter) and Gunlodr (Minerva) to pursue her. Moreover, Hyrrokin also remembers the good old days when he said that they once ruled the entire world together for an indefinite time as the holy trinity – father (Jupiter), mother (Minerva) and holy voice (Juno).

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Ending Explained – Summary

So yes, the ending in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is very complicated and presents us with hundreds of unknowns, the exact solution of which is known only to Darby McDevitt. We, the players, can currently only guess and guess who was who and what exactly he wanted to do by doing this and not by anyone else. The only thing we can be 100% sure is that Desmond Miles is behind the character of “The Reader” (voiced by Nolan North), whom we meet while following the game from Layla Hassan’s perspective.

As I said in the introduction, the above considerations may not be true, some may not make sense, but that is how I understood the plot prepared by the writers. There is no doubt that the next Assassin’s Creed will develop the character Loki (Basim), who wants to meet the Assassin William Miles – I think now we can be sure it will be very, very hot in the next installments of the Brand. Is today’s thread finally back on track? It seems.

If your opinion on some discussions was different, please share in the comments section. I am very curious about your theories.

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