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Asseco Resovia Rzeszów – Sada Cruzeiro: report and result of the meeting

The Rzeszów team faced a difficult task at the beginning of the tournament. His rival was a strong team from Brazil. In the previous edition of KMŚ, Sada ended the competition at the lowest stage of the podium. In history, Brazilians have won three victories in this competition. Asseco Resovia makes her debut during this event, and in the KMŚ this year she ended up thanks to the "joker".

The game started well for the team from Brazil. In the first set, Sada quickly jumped away from the Polish team and kept the lead of two points at all times. Resovia, however, did not play badly and did not put too much to the side of her rival. The Gheorghe Cretu players lost only 23:25. It therefore seemed that pre-match predictions that the team from Rzeszów would have no chance at the Monday meeting were exaggerated.

Confirmation of these words came in the second set. Resovia played even better and she dictated the game. The Rzeszów team carried out four points before the first technical break. Marcin Możdżonek and Mateusz Mika worked especially well. The shattered Sada made a lot of mistakes all the time, which the Polish team used, making their advantage even bigger. As a result, the second party ended with the victory of the residents of Rzeszów until 25:17.

The next series was very similar. Both teams played point by point, and the situation began to change until the end of the party. At 19:18 the inhabitants of Rzeszów started playing better. The rival could not bear the pressure and made mistakes in both service and reception. The end of the set belonged to the players of Cretu who won 25:23.

In the fourth party Brazilians decided to prove that they had not said the last word. Before the first technical break they resist Resovia, leading 8: 6. The Rzeszów team did not give up. He was not only equal to the points in the remainder of the game, but also took the lead. However, the Poles could not keep the lead until the end of the party. After a nervous end it was necessary to play in favor, and in her it turned out to be better Sada and win 26:24.

The fate of the matches arranged the tie-break. The players gave the fans a lot of emotions. And although Asseco Resovia lost at the beginning of 11:14, she was able to turn the tide of the meeting. The players of Rzeszów finally showed the beautiful match and won the tie-break 17:15 and the whole match 3: 2.

The second game was just as exciting. Russian teams fought for each point, which was confirmed by the results in individual sets. Zenit & # 39; s match with Fakiel also arranged the tie-break. In him, the pressure was not the charge of Vladimir Alekno, who lost 11:15 and the whole assembly 2: 3.


Asseco Resovia Rzeszów – Sada Cruzeiro 3: 2 (23:25, 25:17, 25:23, 24:26, 17:15)

Zenit Kazan – Fakel New Urengoy 2: 3 (23:25, 28:26, 25:21, 22:25, 11:15)

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