Brutal assessment of Jan Bednarek on Ekstraklasa. She has been compared to the Premier League Pika no

Jan Bednarek is one of Southampton’s key players, who is fifth in the Premier League after nine games. In the current season, the Polish representative played in all league games from the first minute.

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Jan Bednarek in “Wilkowicz Sam na Sam”: The team gave me life. She saved me in difficult times

In an interview with “The Mirror”, Bednarek talked about his beginning at the club he joined three years ago with Lech Poznań and the changes he made to become a better player. The Polish representative has not only changed his diet, but is also permanently working with a psychologist.

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Bednarek on the difference between the Premier League and the Premier League

– Improving just one percent can make a huge difference. Diet, working with a physical therapist, and other seemingly small things will help you play better and give you an edge over your opponent. The competition in modern football is huge and I wouldn’t forgive myself if I didn’t work hard and give myself a chance. I can say about myself that I am talented, but at the same time I want to work hard and do my best to become a better and better player – said Bednarek.

And he added: I had to become like this because the difference between the Polish Premier League and the Polish Premier League is huge. When I was in Poland and watched the English league, I thought, “There is no big difference”. But when I came here and played, I understood that they were two completely different sports.

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– The difference turned out to be big, adapting to the new competition was very difficult, but it was a great challenge for me. I knew if I worked hard I would receive an award. Life challenges make me stronger and more motivated. I want to be the best I can, he concluded.

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