CBOS: Poland rate Polsat as best, TVP with worst result in history

  • Most critical of TVP are people who hold left-wing political positions (67%), with higher education (60%).
  • Only PiS voters (86%) and to some extent PSL (although their number in the sample was small) rated it positively.
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According to the CBOS survey, TVP evaluates 48 percent positively. of respondents (down 8 percentage points from 2019), and negative by 38%. (increase of 6 percentage points). 57 percent speaks well about TVN. respondents (down 6 percentage points), and poor – 23 percent. (increase of 3 percentage points). This is the worst result of these stations in the history of the investigation. Polsat can count on a positive rating of 70 percent. respondents (decrease by 1 percentage point), was expressed negatively by 10 percent. (no change).

The most critical people of TVP are those who advocate left-wing political positions (67%), are educated (60%), do not participate in religious practices and live in the largest conurbations (more than 50%). Only PiS voters (86%) and to some extent PSL (although their number in the sample was small) rated it positively.

TVN was rated best by the KO voters (82 percent) and Poland 2050 (72 percent), mostly PSL and left supporters. Interestingly enough, 45 percent. PiS voters are viewed positively by TVN (36 percent of those who support the ruling party have the opposite opinion). Only among the supporters of the Confederacy are negative voices heard. Polsat, as CBOS points out, is the least controversial broadcaster: voters of all options rate it positively (to the least extent, supporters of the left – 48%).

RMF FM is rated best among radio stations: 59% gave it a positive assessment. respondents (decrease by 7 percentage points), negative – 5%. (no change). The following places were taken by: Radio Zet with 51 percent. positive opinions (decrease by 10 percentage points) and 4 percent. negative (no change) and Polish radio with 38 percent. positive opinions (decrease by 11 percentage points) and 20 percent. negative (increase of 4 percentage points).

The activity of Radio Maryja is rated positively by 18 percent. respondents (down 2 percentage points), and poor – 26 percent. (increase of 1 percentage point). No less than 56 percent. respondents had no opinion about Radio Maryja.

PiS voters rated public radio (63%) and Radio Maryja (37%) most often compared to other respondents. The latter, not counting the ruling party’s electorate, enjoys relatively better views of Confederate and PSL supporters, while nearly three-fifths of those who support the KO and the left view them negatively. Commercial radio stations are the least controversial politically.

The survey was conducted around the turn of the year in September and October in a sample of 1,133 people.

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