Coronavirus in Poland. New Cases of Infection and Death – Nov. 28

The Department of Health on Saturday announced about 15,178 new cases of coronavirus infection and the deaths of 599 people diagnosed with SARS-CoV-2 infection. In total, in Poland, from the start of the epidemic, the infection was confirmed in 973,593 people, of whom 16,746 died.

The largest number of infections with the SARS-CoV-2 corona virus, reported on Saturday, concerns the province of Mazowieckie, where 1,986 infections were registered.

The other cases relate to the following voivodships: Wielkopolskie (1748), Dolnośląskie (1481), Śląskie (1402), Pomorskie (1026), Kujawsko-Pomorskie (1004), Warmińsko-Mazurskie (950), Lubpackodachodachie (9372), ZIPPELSKIE (9372), (713), Lesser Poland (661), Łódź (658), Podlasie (481), Opole (429), Lubuskie (398), Świętokrzyskie (310).

The Ministry of Health announced that 92 infections are data without giving an address, which will be supplemented with the sanitary inspection.


He also reported the deaths of 599 infected people. It was reported that 85 people died from COVID-19 and 514 people died from the coexistence of COVID-19 with other diseases.

In total, infection was diagnosed in 973,593 people in Poland, of whom 16,746 died.

“Due to the corrections continuously being introduced into the EWP system by laboratories, the global number of infections since the start of the pandemic may not be the sum of consecutive daily infections” – the Ministry of Health announcement said.

So far, the highest daily infection balance was recorded in Poland on November 7. That day, 27,875 new cases of coronavirus infection were reported.

The ministry said it had happened in the past 24 hours more than 42.1 thousand tests for the presence of coronavirus.

New reporting model

The total balance includes more than 22.5 thousand cases of infection “previously lost” by epidemiological stations and not included in the daily statistics. It was ready on Tuesday. The ministry said on Wednesday that “due to continuous corrections by laboratories in the EWP system, the global number of infections since the start of the pandemic may not be the sum of consecutive daily infections.”

After the inconsistencies in the infection statistics were corrected, a new model for reporting coronavirus infections and COVID-19 deaths was launched Tuesday night.

How many breathing masks are used? How many people have recovered?

On Saturday, the Ministry of Health published a daily report containing epidemiological data. It shows that:

– 39 318 beds are intended for patients with COVID-19 (+363 compared to the previous day), – of which 21,476 beds are for patients with COVID-19 occupied (-215), – 3,090 ventilators are intended for patients with COVID-19 (+ 20), – 2,100 fans are used (-6), – 336,352 people are quarantined (+12,465), – 12,764 people are under epidemiological surveillance (-4012), – 538,273 people recovered (+21637).

Call for plasma donation

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki called on the recovering people to donate plasma during a press conference on Wednesday. It takes about half an hour, he noted. – These 30 minutes can mean life to someone else – he noted.

Plasma can be donated by adults up to 65 years old after recovery from a confirmed coronavirus infection, for whom a period of at least 28 days has passed since symptoms resolved or 18 days after the end of isolation.

Prime Minister: Plasma donation only takes half an hour. Those 30 minutes could mean life to someone else TVN24

Relax trade restrictions

On Thursday, a regulation was published in the Journal of Laws, enforcing most of the pre-existing restrictions, including those related to movement and assembly limits. However, the operation of shops and services in shopping centers was restored. It will be possible to operate the ski lifts, but under the sanitary regime.

The changes are valid from Saturday to December 27, 2020.

Main photo source: TVN24

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