Cyberpunk 2077 – details about romances, prostitutes, and relationship building with important heroes

Cyberpunk 2077 will debut in exactly 12 days. Western journalists got the chance to play much of the adventure that CD Projekt RED was preparing a few days ago, and their opinion was filled with optimism about the quality of the product, which should at least match the third Witcher – there is simply no other option.

One of GameSpot journalists – Phil Hornshaw – has already spent more than 16 hours in the bustling Night City, which allowed him to discover many details about romances and build relationships with the heroes who play an important role in the story of V, the protagonist. of the upcoming game. The more time you spend in the company of important people, the more you help them, the closer, according to an employee of the foreign portal. Dialogue options also play an important role, as it is not always clear whether the first dialogue option will make the interlocutor more satisfied, or the second or third.

In Cyberpunk 2077, we don’t get an indicator that informs us at what level of relationship we are – for example – with Judy Alvarez, but the recipients need to feel, observe her behavior and attitude towards the protagonist, or be interested in a member of the Mox gang is in a possible relationship. We will get closer to it by completing side quests that are contained in a given extended side plot. Hornshaw announced that there were times when Heroine X messaged him to check on how he was (likely after a mission). It is only up to us whether we are interested at all to answer his / her question.

Hornshaw also noted that Night City is full of prostitutes trying to make money by all means. The player can almost anytime – as long as he has money – pay a woman who works in the oldest profession in the world and witness a 30 second video of V having sex with a prostitute.

The journalist concluded his statement by concluding that he spent far too little time with Cyberpunk 2077 to be able to say whether entering the romance option with a particular character blocks potential closer relationships with other heroines, and whether, for example, through a band with Judy, other clients, or even comrades, we will be more skewed than when V was single.

By the way, check out the PS4 / PS5 and XONE / XSX gameplay.

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