Dominic West confessed to his wife that he has feelings for his lover! “She’s devastated. Her marriage is END”

Dominic West has recently become the hero of a media scandal. The 51-year-old actor was caught exchanging affection with a 19-year-old friend from the profession, Lily James. Immediately after cuddling and kissing in a Roman cafe, the couple went on a romantic scooter ride. And perhaps it wouldn’t be particularly surprising if it weren’t West has been married for over 10 years.

Surface Dominica Westa Catherine Fitzgerald discovered his antics in the gossip magazines and, of course, wasn’t particularly thrilled with the news. However, the wife quickly forgave the actor for his intimacy with the 31-year-old – shortly after the publication of the infamous photos, the spouses invited photojournalists to their home and made their relationship thrive. In addition, a few days later, the tabloids managed to reach an extraordinarily talkative friend, Dominic. He stated that the actor was certainly much better would hide a possible romance with Lily James. In addition, the couple were joined in Rome by their joint manager, and in private a close friend of West’s wife, who did not allow him to “jump aside”.


However, it seems that the West’s public reassurances about their marital happiness were just a face for a bad game. Although the actor’s knowledge claimed that Dominic’s Roman tenderness and & nbspLily were just a manifestation of the 51-year-old’s friendly disposition, in reality he has certain feelings for his friend – about whom he has already informed his wife …

Catherine told loved ones that Dominic has admitted to having feelings for Lily – says the informant The sun. – At first it seemed like the whole situation was a one-off, but Catherine said it was it has become clear that there is more to itadds a friend of the West family.


It also appears that Dominic’s wife sees no opportunities for their relationship.

Catherine is of course devastated. This is a big problem to come to terms with. She told the nearest people that her marriage is almost over and she doesn’t think there is any way out – & nbspdonosi The sun.

Just after an extremely uncomfortable wedding session, the diary says, outside of Catherine’s shared estate she moved to her parents’ home in Ireland. However, there she met her sisters.

Catherine is depressed, but is still talking to her husband about what to do next. It’s a humiliating time for her and she wants Dominic to clean up the mess he’s made – says the source The sun.


Do you think romance and marital crisis will help West become Prince Charles?


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