“Elif”, episode 856. What will happen? [streszczenie online, emisja – 13.11.2020]

“Elif” is a Turkish production series very popular in Poland. See what will happen in episode 856. The episode of the 856th episode of the series “Elif” will take place Friday, November 13 at 2:00 PM on TVP 1.

Flash: the vaccine is getting closer

In the previous episode of the series “Elif” Alev tries unsuccessfully to attract Şafak’s attention, as he continues to gain favor with Leman. Kerem tries to hide his conflict with Tarik from his family. Vildan is furious with Elif for agreeing to participate in the shooting. The woman is concerned about Tarik’s reaction. He doesn’t have to wait long. The man is furious that Vildan has allowed Kerem to use Elif as the face of his campaign. Şafak is depressed about the situation with Jülide. He is convinced he does not want it. Leman secretly looks at it, confident that she has rejected the unsuitable candidate for daughter-in-law. A photo session with Elif is underway. At first the girl is very tense, but when she realizes that Melek can find her thanks to the posters she appears on, she gives her best

Berna Keskin is a Turkish actress who plays the role of a popular series "Elif" as Hümeyra, Tarik's wife.  How is her private?  View her photos - press the right arrow and go to the next photos

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“Elif”. Hümeyr, or Berna Keskin – see private photos …

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“Elif” Episode 856 – Online Summary [emisja 13.11.2020]

Vildan constantly responds to Elif. Alev still doesn’t shine for Şafak. Leman seems to see the girl as a suitable candidate for a daughter-in-law. In the meantime, everyone is delighted with the progress of the photo session. Tarik cannot stand the girl’s constant praise. Hümeyra is convinced that her husband’s strange behavior is related to his romance. Tarik accidentally leaves the phone at home, Rana learns about it and decides to use it.

Elif – when and where to watch?

The series “Elif” is broadcast daily from Monday to Friday at 14:00 on TVP1. Reruns of each episode of “Elif” can also be seen the next day at 6:00 am on TVP 1. Fans of the Turkish series will also have the opportunity to watch the series “Elif” online. It is available on the website vod.tvp.pl.

The Turkish series “Elif” first appeared on TVP 1 on May 8, 2017. In Turkey, the premiere took place three years earlier. The episodes of “Elif” in Poland last about 30-35 minutes, while the Turkish TV channel Kanal broadcasts 7 one-hour episodes.


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