Fall of the Vistula Krakow. Who should beat in the chest?

To begin with, I delete the descriptive paragraph, referring to the consequences of belonging to the Gwardia federation. Admittedly, the most virulent antagonists use their will to fulfill the decisive role of Nemezis, who pronounces justice for the unpaid & # 39; mistakes & # 39 ;, but they do not take into account the federal status that was imposed in 1949. He went through a dry foot during the systemic changes and as the only one among all Polish football clubs, he showed how much he thrived after the collapse of the system. This is unmistakably proven by eight championship titles in the TeleFonica era!

Possibly the place on the column of guilty, it is impossible not to point to the deepening of the crisis by the team that manages the Wisła Sport Association. Yes, what led to the breaking of the football company from the scout and the plunderer Meresinski, she deserved gratitude and medal for reflexes and courage. However, courage and self-confidence proved insufficient to manage a professional club.

The team of enthusiasts, the president Marzena Sarapata, instead of searching intensively for an investor from the outset, she was misled that somehow the players who conquered Europe would build up a budget that would guarantee stabilization. Most of the activities on the transfer net, which form coaching staff, look backwards as unprofessional, sometimes they take dilettantism, even damage the company. Apart from the lessons from the former hucpiarska activity of the Dutch landing (Maaskant), the super power games with the Spanish director Junco were taken out of the head and the poor transfer medal was repeated to the compatriots! The only professional, devoted to the Vistula to the last blood – Zdzisław Kapka, was kicked out of Reymont not to verify mistakes and ignorant ideas.

In the meantime, a team of real professionals could face a bankruptcy. Like for example Jacek Bednarz chased by the previous owner – Bogusław Cupiał, forced by angry fans. It is also up to them that part of the responsibility for what we are dealing with is decreasing. And yet there was a chance to sell the Vistula to the Wroclaw financier Andrzej Kuchar, the professional full-fledged. Unfortunately, the president of Cupiał presented the prohibitive conditions for a moment to drop Wisła Meresińskiemu, for the proverbial cap of pears! For this with a large dose of debts.

It is also not possible to hide the responsibility of the fans' structures as members of the club martial arts department. They were the ones who had committed the coup during the TS report and the election meeting, had taken over control of him, and after Cupieu tried to get hold of the soccer drop.

And in this place it would probably close the circle, if not because of the lack of interest in the fate of the club on the part of the authorities of Krakow. And yet the systematic indebtedness of the Vistula to the municipal ticket sales for renting the stadium, ruthless debt maintenance with percentages, not for many self-governing bodies dealing with sport, a signal to reveal care and seek help for the club – the biggest contemporary ambassador of Krakow …


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