Fortnite with a monthly subscription? Players are interested in the new payment method

Epic Games is considering preparing a new subscription model for Fortnite fans and initial feedback from the community has been surprisingly positive. Gamers are willing to pay monthly to access additional content.

Fortnite will be available in a free-2-play business format from premiere, but Epic Games makes millions thanks to microtransactions – players are willing to spend money on the Battle Pass, among other things. However, the company wants to take the opportunity and decided to conduct a survey in which it again asked the community if it was interested in an additional subscription model.

We might think the fans wouldn’t be happy with the offer, but it turns out they are the offer is so interesting that many players are willing to pay for access to new products.

Epic Games is considering preparing a bundle consisting of the current season pass, exclusive subscription packs and currency (1000 V-Bucks) and such a bundle could cost around $ 14. Since the Season Pass itself costs $ 10, many players may be tempted by the new offering.

However, it should be noted that nothing was taken and Epic Games had previously asked players if they would be interested in a similar plan. However, several polls have now been released and the reception has been very positive, so the company may finally be tempted to submit a subscription.

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