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Anna Czartoryska has been married to Michał Niemczycki for seven years, who is the heir to a fortune estimated at PLN 1.7 billion. They have arranged it properly?

Anna Czartoryska she is one of those actresses who is written about in the context of her private life, rather than professional performance. Although the 36-year-old has not yet played a role that would bring critics to their knees, and her greatest achievement in recent years was probably participation in the third edition Your face sounds familiar, Ania still enjoys a lot of media attention. After she married a businessman Michał Niemczycki she focuses much more on the role of wife and mother. Last year, Ania welcomed her third child, a son, into the world Antosiawhich she did not fail to brag about via Instagram.

While Czartoryska would rather try to protect her privacy by selectively sharing Instagram content, the star recently decided to make an exception and agreed to invite photographers from the magazine to her “nest.” Kukbuk. The session will soon be published in the Cultural and Culinary Bimonthly, with Anna generously showing her observers her announcement on her profile.

In one of the photos we can admire a stylish kitchen in dark colors. Behind the actress you can see a photo of one of her favorite artists – Pablo Picasso. Another photo shows a spacious living room with many books, CDs, toys and souvenirs on numerous shelves. The icing on the cake is a huge lampshade.

Our kitchen and our mess – signed photos of Czartoryska.

By the way, we decided to collect a few photos of the actress’s house, which she posted on Instagram in recent months. See what the house looks like Anna Czartoryska I Michał Niemczycki, that is heir to a fortune estimated at PLN 1.7 billion. They have arranged it properly?


And not a single badge from a well-known brand;) it’s class and style

It’s hard to arrange ugly with a team of interior designers and disregard the equipment.

First of all, NORMALITY stands out. This is a FLAT house, not for show. Most celebrities could learn from Ms. Ani.


The question should be, do you see he has more money than the readers of the box put together?

Photo 4 is a photo of her in-laws hotel in Jurata, omg who wrote it ?!

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Exactly the photo with striped wallpaper comes from the Bryza hotel (the owner is in-laws)

Modest, nice and stylish.

Marry Chicago

13 mins ago

Three sayings “my house and I”. Show your bathroom, I’ll tell you who you are “and the third” kitchen should look like no one has ever cooked in it. “They prefer a door, but it’s not my house, so I’m not judging.

should we admire, cry or hold our hearts?

A little above average actress and a great intellectual husband … who was the aristocracy read if you don’t know

two different apartments, unless each room has different windows and radiators …

Class / I’ve been following her for many years / Great in every way, it’s nice to write about her. Beautiful girl, of course cool. None of the celebrities can match her in anything. Please provide an example.


If you have a lot of money, there is a designer who will design.

Bedroom 🙂 but this is the Bryza hotel

Beautiful, normal, no decay, no expensive, nasty decorations, but with a slight disarray that says people live there, not just taking selfies on insta.

Beautiful house 🙂 and does it have a taste? What’s that question?!?! it’s not up to us to judge her life, her house should even have aquamarine walls and orange furniture – “Tomek’s freedom in your home”

A potted flower on a piano ??

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