Jacek Rozenek has shared a moving movie! This is how it recovers from a stroke!

A year ago, Jacek Rozenek (51) suffered a stroke resulting in loss of speech and paralysis. He has since fought bravely to get back to full fitness, although the doctors didn’t give him too much of a chance.

A year ago the world of Jacek Rozenek collapsed.

The beloved actor suffered a stroke, and although he was quickly taken to hospital, he still had to wait many hours for help, which triggered another attack.

‘I was in a terminal state. But what about telling horrible stories! – he said in “The Breakfast Question”.

Fortunately, the actor’s life was saved, but the consequences of two strokes, haemorrhagic and ischemic, were very serious: speech disorders and paralysis of the right part of the body, movement problems …

Doctors didn’t give him many opportunities to regain full fitness, but Jacek had a strong will to fight.

Thanks to hard work and rehabilitation, he got back on his feet.

In an interview with Fakt, he admitted that it involved a lot of sacrifice and large financial expenditure.

“I am in rehab all the time, sometimes six days a week, four hours each. Rehabilitation in this disease is unbelievably murderously difficult, and even without sufficient funding it is a bloodbath “- he said.

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