Kołakowski left the PiS club. He will be an unregistered member

Kołakowski told journalists that he had sent a letter to the office of the Marshal of the Sejm, Elżbieta Witek, saying that “he will become an unregistered member of the Sejm of the Republic of Poland from November 24, 2020”.

– I will be a non-attached Member of Parliament, I will work for the residents of Poland and the region, I want to help people who pay taxes so that they feel much better in Poland than they do now – he stated.

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When asked why he left the PiS club, Kołakowski replied that he was doing so in connection with the situation regarding the so-called “Fridays for Animals” and announcements of further parliamentary bills in this matter. – This concerns me directly, as well as the leadership of the group, which I would not like to talk about at the moment – added the Member of Parliament.

VIDEO: Lech Kołakowski spoke to journalists in the Sejm

Terlecki on Kołakowski: if he doesn’t want to be reasonable, it’s difficult

Commenting on Kołakowski’s decision, the head of the PiS club said: “Apparently he has changed his mind as he has recently assured that he will stay.” – The delegates have different ideas, we will see if he comes back – added Terlecki in an interview with journalists in the Sejm.

He admitted that he had recently spoken to Kołakowski about his future. – I persuaded him to be reasonable, but if he doesn’t want to, it’s difficult – said the head of the PiS club.

When questioned, he assured that he was not worried that more Law and Justice MPs would follow Kołakowski.

Talk to the president of PiS

Kołakowski was one of 15 suspended PIS delegates. The decision against MPs was taken in September after they voted against the amendment to the Animal Protection Act, despite party discipline. Among other things, the amendment bans fur breeding animals and limits ritual slaughter.

Last Tuesday, Lech Kołakowski announced on RMF FM radio that he was leaving Law and Justice, and the reason for his decision was the issue of the amendment, which he called a “legal trash can”. He announced the creation of a parliamentary group in the Sejm. – It’s a group of several people. We are talking about the name of the wheel – he added. He believed that as a result, PiS could lose a majority in the Sejm.

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After announcing the decision of the PiS authorities regarding the 13 MPs and the ending of the disciplinary proceedings against them, Kołakowski ruled that “there was a future reflection with the Law and Justice authorities”. He ruled this decision based on his statement Tuesday morning. Kołakowski and former Agriculture Minister Jan Krzysztof Ardanowski were the only deputies against whom proceedings were not initially stopped. The decision was finally taken a day later, Wednesday.

– I spoke today with the President of PiS Jarosław Kaczyński, talks will continue, the issue of my presence in PiS is open – MP Lech Kołakowski told journalists in the Sejm on Wednesday

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