Leaked skins for Fortnite Season 5. Back to the old map, trailer leak and more

Information has been appearing on the internet for several hours, indicating a leak from the event and news to be expected in Fortnite season 5.

Leaks are normal when it comes to Fortnite. In this case, however, they come from a source that was wrong in the past. These errors were significant, but somehow explainable. But it certainly cannot be taken completely seriously and as confirmed.

One of the leakers who predicted 2 passages in Season 4 and who is now working with Disney has reportedly posted some significant leaks.

What is known about this unconfirmed leak?

The leak mentions several things. Even before Mando and Baba Yoda were revealed, he wrote that these will be cosmetic items that will appear in the game:

  • The lightsaber will be a collector available in the store
  • Mando becomes a skin and Baby Yoda becomes a “pet”
  • Star Wars gets its seat
  • The Renegade Raider gets a winter skin
  • Santa will appear like a skin
  • Princess Leia becomes a skinhead
  • The event will be 495 MB in size
  • The combat bus is sucked through the black hole

In addition, the following images were also available:

It’s hard to say why. Interestingly, this hasn’t been on a website before. At least that’s what Google suggests.

Fortnite season 5 trailer

In addition to all this, the leaker also had to describe what the trailer for season 5 looks like. Apparently he can’t put it anywhere for fear of the consequences.

“It starts with getting a Marvel / Fortnite character out of the black hole. Iron Man and Jonesy look around and see Mandalorian with an orange-haired woman, then realize they’re back on the old map. “

The map survived a massive explosion that damaged the right side in particular. There is lava and holes everywhere. Many things have been destroyed, Loot Lake is completely empty, the snow biome is unchanged, the deserts have been removed. “

Can you believe it? History has shown that such leaks do occur. However, here the source is really uncertain and was wrong in the past. Leaker wrote about working with Disney and it turned out to be real, there were also mentions of two battle passes and it went to the trash. On the other hand, the Fortnite team could be the last pass, possibly the year-round pass.

Music whose origins are completely unidentifiable is also distributed through various sources on the Internet. Larger speakers will consider this an obvious fake.

In any case, you should certainly approach it from a great distance and not take it for granted.

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