Lech Poznań: A visit to the hooligans of Kolejorz in Łódź. Is this an attempt to return for stolen flags? [ZDJĘCIA, WIDEO]

– After the media reports on the theft of 29 October from the stadium of the Poznan club, which Internet users have attributed to the Widzew fans, there was again a large group of Lech fans in Lodz. It is difficult not to take revenge in this – explain the Lodz officers.

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At least a dozen vehicles on Poznan number plates were noticed in Łódź after midnight from 11 to 12 November.

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– From the information that flows in, it appears that people who use these cars have balaclavas, machetes and other dangerous tools. Some of these cars on the Warszawska street did not stop to be checked – police officers from Lodz tell us.

The officers went hunting. Chased car & # 39; s reason passed by a red light, the police car & # 39; s approaching. One of the drivers tried to escape the sidewalk.

The chase ended in Zgierz, where it managed to block the fleeing car – audi a4, renault laguna and Opel. Drivers and passengers were pulled out of the vehicles by force.

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According to police officers, a dozen fans of Lech Poznań between 19 and 51 were identified. And they add: – The drivers at the age of 29, 32 and 31 are detained in connection with the fact that they were not stopped for the inspection, for which a fine of up to 5 years imprisonment is punishable. A 27-year-old audio passenger is responsible for the possession of drugs. The officers also held the driving license. She punished with mandates, among others for the use of vulgar words during interventions.

At the same time, the fourth car was stopped in Łódź. – 37-year-old driver of the Peugeot drove with 3 passengers. For the committed crimes, he was punished with a fine of 500 zloty – say police officers.

And they add: – This is not the first situation in which a group of Lech fans appeared in Widzew. Thanks to the actions of officers, there has been no confrontation so far despite attempts by hooligans.

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Source: lodzka.policja.gov.pl

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