Lenovo Z5 Pro with a sliding cover is a great success – would you buy it in Poland?

Lenovo has recorded its first big success in months – the latest flagship Lenovo Z5 Pro with a retractable casing slide with great interest from customers. Would you buy it in Poland?

Chinese Lenovo is a brand that we mainly associate with the production of laptops and ultrabooks, and much less because of the smartphones it publishes.

This is not surprising, because the last phones from the hands of Lenovo were nothing special and did not fit into the market trends. The situation is slightly different with the Motorola acquired in 2017, which focused on the medium-sized segment, and from time to time serves us pretty good models. The mother brand did not want to continue to blame this time.

Will Lenovo return to favor?

The flagship Lenovo Z5 Pro, presented almost two weeks ago, shocked me after the first announcements and I did not believe at all that a smartphone with a sliding housing and the latest technologies has a chance to completely leave the planning phase. Rewarded disappointment with a previous Lenovo Z5, which turned out to be a middle man instead of the flagship notch I decided to wait.

Lenovo saved and made the word this time Z5 Pro, which has achieved spectacular success … in a second. Exactly enough time needed 500,000 customers to order a smartphone at the first sale.

Before we get to the flagship, it is worth knowing the price, which is surprisingly low. Chinese customers only have to pay PLN 1,090 for the 6/64 version of the memory and PLN 1,250 for the 6/128 GB variant.

For this amount we can buy a good secondary school in Poland, but without any innovations or top specifications. We often have to take into account many concessions in the equipment. Hence my question: Would you buy Lenovo Z5 Pro in our country?

Lenovo Z5 Pro from the inside

The flagship offers for its price 6.4-inch Super AMOLED display without notch and with a built-in fingerprint reader. Get rid off notch It turned out to be a great decision, which translated into no less than 95% of the filling of the front panel for the screen. What happened to the webcam selfie?

photo by Lenovo

photo by Lenovo

She was neatly hidden extendable housingjust like the loudspeaker and sensors. It is a recurring fashion that we can see on the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 and Honor Magic 2. I expect this year will be one of the leading trends.

Inside the Lenovo Z5 Pro there is a 3350 mAh battery and a Snapdragon 710 processor connected to 6 GB of RAM. Because of the savings we have not received a stronger Snapdragon 845, but a slightly weaker unit with a maximum clock speed of 2.2 GHz.

You can find more information about the new Chinese model in our premiere text and in the meantime I encourage you to answer the question in the title.


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