Lidl newsletter for Black Friday 2020 – promotions up to 80%. Check out Black Friday deals at LIDLU and other stores

Lidl newsletter for Black Friday 2020 – promotions up to 80%. From 23 to 28 November in Lidl stores in Poland, the promotion is entitled Black Week 2020. On the occasion of Black Friday, or the sales promotion that came to us from the US, the chain lowered the prices of many products. Click on the gallery and view the Lidl magazine on Black Friday 2020. Also read about Black Friday in the shops of Biedronka, Netto and Kaufland. Click on the gallery and view the promotions prepared for Black Friday in Lidl.

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Biedronka, Netto and Kaufland – Black Friday 2020

Black Friday, for example, is organized by competing chains: Biedronka, Netto or Kaufland. In the latter stores, as part of the Big Black Week campaign, there are special offers (up to -60%), including for household appliances, consumer electronics, clothing and car accessories. This offer is valid until November 25th.

On the other hand, Biedronka has gone the other way, offering free delivery of purchases made online with the Glovo application from Monday, November 23 to Sunday, November 29. But beware, the offer is only valid in 27 cities where Biedronka collaborates with Glovo.

On the other hand, the Danish Netto (which will soon take over Tesco stores in Poland) from November 23 to November 29 (or while stocks last) will offer kitchen and household appliances, textiles, lamps, underwear, car accessories and furniture, among other things.

LIDL Black Friday 2020

Lidl Polska belongs to the international group of Lidl companies, which consists of independent companies operating throughout Europe. Kaufland belongs to the same group.

Check out the catalog for Black Friday / Black Week in Lidl stores across Poland. Click on the photo gallery.

See the gallery(32 photos)

The history of the Lidl chain goes back to the 1930s and the first Lidl networks were established in Germany in the 1970s. Currently, there are about 11,200 stores of this brand in 30 countries, and in Poland – 763 to be precise (this will be on November 26, as no fewer than 5 new Lidl stores will be opened on that day). Compared to the largest supermarket chain in Poland, the Portuguese Biedronka, which has more than 3,000 of them. – It is not much.

Lidl stores are located in the Silesian province

  • in Katowice – 13
  • in Zabrze – 8
  • in Częstochowa – 8
  • in Gliwice – 7
  • in Bielsko-Biała – 6
  • in Sosnowiec – 5
  • in Bytom – 5
  • in Tychy – 5

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Not only Black Friday, but Black Week in Lidlach

The Lidl chain, like all other retailers, wants to capitalize on the popularity of Black Friday, the traditional Friday after Thanksgiving in the US (which is always Thursday in 2020 – November 26), where stores organize big sales.

In Poland there aren’t such huge Black Friday promotions, but you can still buy cheaper Christmas gifts.

From Monday 23 November 2020, Black Week has started in all stationary stores and in the Lidl online store, and with that promotions of up to 80%.

Among other things, the network was overestimated for clothing, kitchen accessories and appliances, household items, tools and much more.

Lidl promotions from Monday 23 November

On the first day of the sale, appliances and accessories in the “Kitchen” and “Bathroom” categories, as well as other household items, were discounted.

Lidl magazine for Black Friday / Black Week 2020. Pay attention to the validity dates of a particular offer.  See more pictures.  Swipe right - press the arrow button or NEXT button

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(32 photos)

Lidl newsletter for Black Friday 2020 – promotions up to 80%. To check …

The hits from stationary stores include:

  • Hair dryer with SilverCrest ionization for the price of PLN 35/1 item,
  • Parkside pressure washer, which costs 199 PLN / set instead of 299 PLN,
  • Medisana humidifier discounted from PLN 159 to PLN 99 / set.

In addition, products such as the SilverCrest kettle for the price of 69 PLN / 1 piece or the digital grease-free fryer for the price of 199 PLN / set will be available both stationary and online – in Lidl’s online shop.

Promotions in Lidl stores from Thursday 26 November

Another promotion will be launched on Thursday 26 November – mainly tools and even more products for home use will be offered at lower prices.

Examples of products from the range are:

  • Aquapar wash brush for 38 PLN instead of 69.90 PLN / set,
  • Leifheit battery window cleaner with a discount from PLN 149 to PLN 69 / set,
  • Parkside drill, which costs 69 PLN instead of 99 PLN / set.

Promotions in Lidl stores from Friday 27 November

On Friday, November 27, customers can take advantage of further promotions – discounted items from various categories, from clothing to TV sets. The hits of the offer can be products such as:

  • Toshiba 43-inch TV set for PLN 899 instead of PLN 1199 / set,
  • SilverCrest steam mop for 99 PLN instead of 169 PLN / set.

Friday also includes promotions on clothing. The offer includes

  • Esmara ladies jacket for 19 PLN instead of 29.99 PLN / 1 piece
  • Esmara ladies jeggings for 19 PLN instead of 29.99 PLN / 1 piece,
  • Esmara Lingerie bra for 7 PLN instead of 14.99 PLN / 1 piece
  • Esmara Lingerie women’s panties cheaper by 83% – at a discount from 8.99 PLN to 1.50 PLN / pair.

Promotions in Lidl stores from Saturday 28 November

Saturday is another, but already the last day of the black week in Lidl. During this time, the offering will include additional discounted items such as textiles, children’s accessories, electrical equipment and tools. The Doc electric scooter can certainly become a real hit among the whole range. Green with 42% discount from PLN 1399 to PLN 799/1 item.
The Saturday offer also includes:

  • Miomare hairbrush for PLN 1.99 instead of PLN 9.99,
  • Ladies teddy Esmara fleece sweatshirt for PLN 25 instead of PLN 39.99,
  • Lupilu kids shoes in lambskin at a super price of PLN 15 / pair,
  • a children’s room carpet for 19 PLN instead of 39.99 PLN / 1 piece,
  • Flora Best inflatable ottoman for 29 PLN instead of 69.90 PLN / 1 piece,
  • cordless jigsaw and saber saw Parkside for 169 PLN instead of 249 PLN / set.

The Black Week offer is available from Monday, November 23 to Saturday, November 28, or while supplies last at all Lidl Polska stores. Selected products will also be available online at

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