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Manifestation at the monument of priest Jankowski in Gdansk

Dozens of people protested Saturday night in Gdansk at the monument to Fr. the prelate Henryk Jankowski demands his removal. The statue of a priest cast in bronze was covered with a white sheet.

At the beginning of December last year, in the "Large Format", the magazine of "Gazeta Wyborcza", a reportage "The Secret of Saint Bridget" appeared: Why did the church allow priest Jankowski to use children for years? "In this article, the chaplain of Solidarity, a pastor of the parish of Saint Brygida in Gdańsk Henryk Jankowski was accused of sexual violence against minors.The priest died in 2010.

The organizer of the protest, Michał Wojciechowicz, and one of the initiators of the civic campaign announced on 13 December 2018, which was established on 13 December 2018, aimed to appoint the Truth and Reconciliation Commission to prevent instances of sexual harassment by the clergy. to investigate.

As Wojciechowicz explained to the assembled people, he covered the monument so that he would not chase the inhabitants of Gdańsk & # 39 ;.

"During the communist times many monuments were built for Soviet soldiers for the liberation of Poland from Nazism, so monuments were made for criminals, rapists, I can see an analogy with this monument, this monument was also built by the residents for the contribution Jankowski's overthrow The monument of a sexual predator, sexually abused children, adolescents and young people was established (…) I consciously compare Russian officers with church officers and their supporters who do not want to move this monument, "he said.

Wojciechowicz added that "you and I do not take into account the suffering of the victims at all." "The symbol of domination counts, because monuments are a symbol of dominion over memory and consciousness." Unfortunately, the victims of the Soviet soldiers have received no compensation, but Jankowski's victims would see them, live and see the truth "- he stressed.

"I would like to return to the masters of my beloved Gdansk, to the macabres of Gdansk policy: remove this monument, because there will be smoke" – threatened Wojciechowicz.

Under his conviction, people began to sing, among others "there will be smoke" and "destroy it". The demonstrators had banners with such slogans as: "That disgrace", "The monument of shame", "the Church is not above the law".

Among the speakers at the demonstration was also Ewa Lieder, a modern delegate, and representatives of SLD and Partia Razem.

At the end of the demonstration Wojciechowicz announced that the demonstrations at the monument for Fr. Jankowski is now organized on the 13th of each month. As he explained, this date refers to December 13, 1981 and the introduction of martial law in Poland.

"The martial law was the moment of separation from the nation of dignity, and it is the same with pedophilia and violence – it robs us of its dignity and stigmatizes the rest of our lives, we will come here every month on the thirteenth, until the establishment of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, they met each other on monthly Gdansk, they had their monthly, we will have ours, "he added.

According to the assumptions of the initiators of the establishment of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, this body would act on the basis of a draft civil act, which will be dealt with by a special commission. Then there is a social gathering of 100,000 signatures that are required for submitting the project to the Sejm as a civil legislative initiative.

At the meeting of Gdansk City Council on 31 January, the council members will vote on the Coalition of the Civic Club project for Fr. Jankowski & # 39; s honorary citizen of the city of Gdansk.

"I am sure that the city council of Gdansk will support our project." In addition, the board members of the KO club have taken the initiative to remove the name of the priest Henryk Jankowski and leave it without any patron, or to change the name of the square into the historical. say whether it will be possible to carry it out to the nearest session, but we are determined to settle this issue as soon as possible, "said PAP chairman of the KO club, Cezary Śpiewak-Dowbór, on Saturday.

The KO Club in the city council of the city of Gdańsk has 16 council members, 6 council members belong to the non-party committee "Everything for Gdańsk" by President Paweł Adamowicz, 12 council members have law and justice.

The local government official has announced that the city council of Gdańsk during the January session will probably also appeal to the monument for Fr. Jankowski.

"Club KO has already prepared the content of this call and is now being approved by the coalition club" Alles voor Gdansk. "In the first version of this call we express the fact that we expect the President of Gdańsk to take further action to remove the monument, for information that casts a very serious shadow on the impeccability of the character of priest Henryk Jankowski. the removal of the monument is difficult to solve because it was set up by private individuals, but is located on a municipal plot, added Śpiewak-Dowbór.

A few days after the publication of the article in "GW", the Metropolitan Curia of Gdansk issued a statement stating that "in the last 10 years (2008-2018) no reports have been received to confirm allegations in the media".

"At the same time, the archdiocese of Gdansk speaks out for a thorough study and truthful investigation of all possible aspects of the case, in accordance with the guidelines of the Polish episcopate conference (of 8 October 2014) regarding the preparatory canonical investigation: + If the persecution was set against a canonical investigation before a preacher, unless it seems legitimate to clarify matters for the well-being of the church, "said the statement.

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