Marcin Tyszka’s mom is a star on Instagram. She is 81 years old and sets fashion trends

Marcin Tyszka has been associated with show business for years. He has many professional successes to his name. His photos have been featured in magazines such as “Vogue”, “L’Officiel” and “Vanity Fair”. In Poland, however, he became more famous thanks to his participation in the TVN show “Top Model”, where he is one of the jury members. Now it appears that he has one more reason to be proud. His mother, 81-year-old Mira, is an Instagram sensation.

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The final of the 9th edition of “Top Model” is behind us

Marcin Tyszka’s mom is the star of Instagram

Looking at how Marcin Tyszka’s mom is fluent in social media, it’s hard to believe she turned 80! Her profile is viewed by over 14,000 people, she has already added 234 posts! In the photos she poses like a professional model. He smiles happily into the lens and presents fashionable stylings. Mrs. Mira is not afraid of bold colors, she likes to emphasize her figure and use fashionable novelties. You can tell that she is enjoying life to the fullest and is very active – she loves to travel and visit new places. Tyszka in the picture from childhood. The stylist was his mother

However, Marcin Tyszka’s mom isn’t limited to Instagram. She recently made her debut on Tik Toku! In the video she appeared in a fashionable kimono and lilac pants. The excerpt was provided by the photographer, and in the comments there were words of admiration for Ms. Mira:

This lady will always be young.

What amazing.

Mrs. Mira is lovely as always – they compliment.

Marcin Tyszka is another famous person who praises his mother on social media. Some time ago she did it, incl. Małgorzata Socha. Then she shared their photos from the walk. Blanka Lipińska is also proud of her parents, whose mother is more like her sister.

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