Medium in the dark trailer. Poles present the character played by Marcin Dorociński

Marcin Dorociński played the role of one of Medium’s heroes. Bloober Team still hasn’t revealed what influence the Polish actor’s character will have on the course of events, but you can check out his creation in the latest trailer.

Users of our portal can systematically read about Marcin Dorociński: the actor appeared in the latest Netflix hit, “Gambit queen”, while we have long known that the Pool will be in the latest production of Bloober Team, which will debut on the Xbox Series X | S and pc. The character introduces players to the dark world of The Medium, which has a significant impact on the course of the story.

Bloober Team used Marcin Dorociński’s body, but during the game we will hear a different actor. In the latest trailer, you can hear the mysterious character struggling with his own nightmare. Admittedly, the materials are full of a dark atmosphere.

Medium will debut in early 2021, but we haven’t learned all that much details about the game yet. This fact can positively impact the gameplay experience – although we recently found out how many hours we need to spend to complete the story. The developers will provide us with a fully cinematic, perspective-dependent experience that incorporates the concept of two parallel worlds.

Are you going to enter the world of Medium? Check out the latest disturbing material.

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