Millions of zlotys to support artists. Grzegorz Markowski’s statement

The Ministry of Culture and National Heritage announced on Friday that it had donated no less than 400 million PLN to the artists from the Culture Support Fund. The amount of money the stars received shocked many people. For this reason, the Ministry decided to suspend the payment of funds and to “urgently re-verify” the list of beneficiaries.

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On Sunday afternoon, a surprising mention about compensation appeared on Patrycja Markowska’s Facebook profile. “Take advantage of my daughter’s courtesy – I’ll post a few sentences on her profile” – wrote Grzegorz Markowski. The musician emphasized that the list of beneficiaries of the Culture Support Fund published on Friday includes information that Perfect’s management team will receive more than PLN 500,000.

“I would like to inform you that this money is not for me, team members, technicians, our entire team. This money is only for the manager of Perfect and his agency” – Markowski pointed out and assured, “We, as a team, were not intend to try for the grant. We did not know of such plans. ”

“We’ve played and toured all our lives. In our opinion it would be immoral to request that much money, when there are so many people in Poland who need it a hundred times more. So please don’t join us with this list. “- he finished leader of the Perfect team.

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