New Year's Eve in Warsaw without fireworks. Right: Trzaskowski spoils the prosperity of Warsaw

The official celebration of New Year's Eve in the capital, like every year, takes place at Bankowy Square. In previous years campaigns for animal rights have asked Warsaw for the resignation of fireworks that illuminated the city at midnight. This year their tests have dried up.

#WarszawaNieStrzela. For the welfare of animals

In the evenings, Warsaw mayor Rafa Trzaskowski confirms that on New Year's Eve the city withdraws from the fireworks of the municipality during the official festivals at Bankowy Square. All for the welfare of animals that are afraid to shoot.

"I confirm – this year on New Year's Eve #WarszawaNieStrzela." During the New Year's Eve organized by @warszawa there will be no fireworks display.Bubble looks happy "- Trzaskowski wrote on Twitter and started a photo with his son and dog.

This year, the people of Warsaw may have a New Year's Eve during the laser show – it is not yet known how long it will take, or what it will look like exactly.

No positive comments from Varsovians are missing from Trzaskowski's submission. Some have said that the decision of the new president is good, but not enough, because on New Year's Eve the city must also prohibit its use to private individuals.

Well done. Every city should give up this attraction and give better money to hostels

Finally! I would like to add that not only dogs have this pop, but birds also have small children

It is very well known! We are still waiting for the ban on fireworks in the city and it will be perfect

– the residents wrote under the entry of Trzaskowski.

Right: "Trzaskowski spoils Varsovians on New Year's Eve"

Although the residents of the president's decision speak positively in the majority, the fireworks party resignation in Warsaw will also be criticized on the right side of the political scene.

"Trzaskowski spoils the New Year's Eve of the city in Warsaw." Fireworks are not meant to help animals, "the journalists wrote on the portal on Twitter.

They are led by Cezary Gmyz, a TVP correspondent who will ask Rafa Trzaskowski for his responsibility in the social service, whether he also plans to liquidate the fireworks during the "light to heaven" during the final of the Great Orchestra of Christmas.

Pki is not known whether the resignation of the 10-minute fireworks after the WOP finals is considered.

Let us remind you that the weight of Warsaw a year ago will be converted into a fireworks show of a dozen or a few minutes. From the fireworks and fireworks at the request of the circulation of animals, the weight of the Praga-Pnoc district was completely abandoned. As argued, it is mainly about the peace of animals staying in the nearby zoo.

In the same year, similar decisions will also be made according to the weight of Kraków, Poznań, Białystok, and in this the Presidents of Toruń and Gdask have withdrawn from the fireworks of the municipal fireworks.

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