People stayed by the building on Marszałkowska Street in Warsaw. This is the answer to Black Friday

Several people stuck to the glass of one of the buildings on ul. Marszałkowska in Warsaw. They are young activists of Extinction Rebellion Polska, who in this way oppose – as they themselves say – the destruction of the planet in the name of consumerism.

Activists from Extinction Rebellion Polska blocked the reserved store on Marszałkowska Street in Warsaw on Saturday and stuck to the windows. This is their answer to Black Friday. On the site, you saw banners with slogans like: “Fast fashion kills” or “Indelible carbon footprint”.

“Fast fashion is the death of our planet. We protest against fueling consumption and destroying the planet solely for profit. Clothing production is responsible for 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions” – activists emphasize on Facebook. The action was organized on November 28, because it was on that day according to the government’s decision shops are open.

Police: Anyone can stay where they want

The police were there. According to Warsaw Police Headquarters spokesman, Commissioner Sylwester Marczak, a minor was also attached to the glass. – After identification of these persons, the work is completed. In the case of a minor, his parents have been informed of the situation, he said.

Commenting on the entire incident, he said, “Poland is a free country, anyone can stay where they want, provided they don’t break the law.” “We recommend that you be more careful when using glue,” he added.

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