Piotr Strojnowski is dead. The hit “In my garden” was created by accident

About the death of Piotr “Struna” Strojnowski – a musician, but also an addiction therapist who started helping others after struggling with alcohol problems himself – said Robert Gawliński. Strojnowski was the first singer of the reggae band Daab. He was famous for the song “Ogrodu heart” – commonly known as “In my garden”.

Although the band’s debut album included many other popular songs such as “Kaleidoscope of my Roads”, “Wave of human hearts”, “In the nooks and crannies of our souls”, this album has achieved cult status. There is an unusual story behind it that could serve as material for many films.

How did Piotr “Struna” Strojnowski create the hit “In my garden”?

The lyrics of “Garden of the Heart” are not made with the idea of ​​conquering the radio station, but about Strojnowski’s platonic lover – Justyna, who lives in Brussels. He was so shy that he could only confess his love through the written word. Although the account of these two took by mail because of the distance between them, instead of reaching the girl’s hands, the poem ended up in a drawer.

Strojnowski stressed that the final form of the piece had not been changed in any way. As he revealed, he eventually let the song’s addressee know that she contributed to the creation of the legendary song.

He often spoke of the fact that the heart is his most important advisor in song-making. – To me the man as such and what he hides has always been important. Love is the greatest value – he stressed in an interview with Polish radio.

Although “In my garden”, as Strojnowski’s song was eventually called, contributed to the greatest popularity of the band Daab, the author and co-founder was no longer in the band at the time of its release. The debut album entitled “Daab”, released in 1986 on the Arston label, was released after “Struna” parted ways with his friends from Daab. The song was featured again in 1993 on the album “To co góry” from ten years “released by the MJM Music PL label to mark the 10th anniversary of the group and featured the band’s greatest hits, recorded in new versions.

– I think it will always be up to date. It has its own unique atmosphere – said Elżbieta Zapendowska in “The History of One Hit” about Strojnowski’s song. – For me it is an absolute exception – judged Piotr Metz. – It has survived for decades. To this day it is a fantastic piece – acclaimed Marek Sierocki.

The artists say goodbye to Piotr Strojnowski

Famous musicians say goodbye to Piotr Strojnowski on social media.

“We used to sit on the hill in Pole Mokotowskie during breaks in rehearsals – his with Daab, mine with BK and Tilt … We sat with Piotrek, Robert, Pawełek … Soon we’ll all be just a memory” – wrote Tomek Lipiński.

“Piotr Strojnowski died – the singer of the bands Daab and Strojnowy, as well as my good friend. Rest in peace, Piotruś” – Muniek Staszczyk from Strojnowski recalled.

Piotr-Struna Strojnowski has passed away. Author of music and lyrics, and a vocal performer (with Daab) of one of the most beautiful songs in the history of Polish music – »In my garden«. My heart ached ”- we read in Zbigniew Hołdys’s entry.

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