PlayStation 5 / Xbox Series X – which games do we expect?

In a closed architecture, for just over two thousand zloty, our expectations with regard to the creators are enormous. And they have to face it. So that the price set by the publisher satisfies buyers. Is it always like this? We all don’t quite know that, and certainly not always. The demands of the players are now even higher. All because of a higher price threshold, which is used by more and more companies. But no, it won’t be another debate about the higher amounts demanded by combine publishing. Now it is worth thinking about what to expect.

Liquidity versus quality

Dying Light next generation

For several years now, all graphical comparisons and performance comparisons have become the leading topic. There is still a large group of receivers that expect the standardization of certain technical standards when entering the new hardware market. Even before the PlayStation 4 / Xbox One premiere in 2013, there were fierce discussions in the forums about 60 frames per second in every new title. From today’s perspective, it is known that it is possible. Manufacturers make compromises in closed architecture. Usually opt for better images at the expense of performance. The vast majority of voters usually admire the best graphics. After all, this is one of the main reasons for moving to more powerful hardware. We expect better quality from new games, especially in the context of the next generation. If this statement were not in place, the sales of the more powerful versions of the latest generation of consoles i.e. PlayStation 4 Pro / Xbox One X would not produce such sales balances.

To be honest, the luxury of 60 frames per second with fresh production is a nice feeling. Running Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales on PlayStation 5 in performance mode, the feeling of communicating with almost unlimited power is satisfying. Like the combat intensity in Demon’s Souls (PS5) thanks to the unlocking of more frames. The topic of adequate gaming performance on next-gen consoles came down to the launch of Call of Duty: Warzone in an impressive 120 frames on the Xbox Series X, the most powerful console hardware to date. Suffice it to say, Microsoft has released a monster that is still waiting for the opportunity to fully unleash the technical power it undoubtedly has.

To wade further down the tech layer, essentially the most powerful and uncompromising title will appear in the first year of generation. Why? The answer is very simple: the lion’s share of these games are in fact intergenerational productions. For example, PlayStation 5 / Xbox Series X will only present their true possibilities in a few months. The user base of PS4 / XOne is huge. Despite the enormous interest in new generation consoles, a product that is currently scarce in warehouses.

A multitude of open worlds?

Valhalla - open world

Let’s go back. During the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 market existence, the trends in the industry at the time required the design of relatively short games. The so-called “casual gaming” and most of the released productions were made easier for the needs of Sunday players. Fortunately, this fashion passed quickly. Mass production of first-person shooters has disappeared, developers have focused more on a wider range of activities. That’s why we’ve gotten so many great open world games over the last generation. Virtually every hit available on worn out consoles often offers a blend of the open structure of the game world. On the one hand, the treatment is quite well thought out. By spending PLN 200-300 on a game CD, we expect a longer game. This is not a rule, but the growing trend of these types of AAA games is noticeable. There are still typical “gang” titles, but the question remains: how much will we see in the near future?

For this reason, I really like productions classified as “semi-open”, that is, about a semi-open world. I believe this relatively innovative trend has the potential to maintain a balance between free exploration and learning about history. It is of course difficult to imagine in this convention, for example, a new Witcher or another variant of Assassin’s Creed, but the concept itself has a bright future ahead. However, if we are looking for the most diverse functions, we can certainly expect inventive titles in the field of independent and also category AA. The question remains whether the new generation will finance new trends in the industry? Or is it still an interesting development of the existing solutions? Time will tell.

Subscription tempters

PlayStation 5 versus Xbox Series X

Sony and Microsoft follow slightly different paths in the battle for the same customer. While the Japanese publisher is still successfully pursuing its policy of brand-exclusive titles, the giant Redmond offers services. The popularity of Xbox Game Pass is increasingly visible. So much so that even Sony opted for something like an equivalent, namely the PlayStation Plus collection. Although these are games launched under backward compatibility, the situation could lead to an interesting development in the future. The players will benefit.

Within a year, the new generation will settle in millions of gamer salons around the world. It is very possible that this is the fastest transition from one generation of consoles to the next. Both generations of equipment will coexist for at least three years. For us this means more production for both generations. Will this process delay the release of the real PlayStation 5 / Xbox Series X gaming power to some extent? Time will tell.

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