POHiD supports entrepreneurs. The organization hopes to open stores for sports and electronics / home appliances this week

Due to the sharp increase in the number of coronavirus infections during the second wave of the pandemic, the government has decided to introduce numerous restrictions that will affect individual industries. Closed from Saturday November 7 to November 29 shops in shopping centers (except groceries, pharmacies, drugstores and service points). The restrictions on the number of customers in small shops have also been tightened – up to 100 m2 (10 m2 per person).

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POHiD supports sport and electronics / home appliance store owners

Representatives from individual industries began to protest against the government’s decisions. Sports and electronics / home appliance owners are fighting very hard for a quick opening. “We call for the opening of large-scale stores with sports equipment. Sport is health, Poles can exercise at home. We guarantee safety, we are open to additional procedures” – we read on the profile of Decathlon Polska on Twitter.

Their efforts are also supported by the Polish trade and distribution organization – POHiD supports the demands of sports shops and RTV / home appliances, which are ready to meet additional sanitary requirements, just like furniture shops. We hope that this allows them to reopen this week – said Renata Juszkiewicz.

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Gowin calls for the opening of furniture stores

Representatives of the above industries hope that the furniture industry schemes will also allow them to open stores. After consulting with the furniture industry, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Development, Labor and Technology Jarosław Gowin announced that he would recommend to the Council of Ministers to open furniture stores as soon as possible. During the meeting it was agreed to tighten sanitary restrictions in such shops and to introduce a space restriction – 20 m2 per person.

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