Poland can take over the canceled World Cup competition! The FIS received an application

The World Cup Ski Jumping season started last weekend in Wisła and some jumpers have already checked in on Monday evening in Kuusamo, where the qualifications for the next race start next Friday. There are no Poles who start their trip to Finland on Tuesday.

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In the background, there is a fight to play the pandemic season under reasonably normal conditions and that the calendar does not become too full due to canceled competitions. At the moment it is known about the cancellation of the match in Sapporo. The Okurayama fight was scheduled for February 6-7, but it is already known that it will not happen.

Poland may take over the canceled game

At the end of this week, the FIS must announce who will take over the organization of the competition. Poland also declared its accession, which could take over certain professions. However, it is currently unknown where the match will take place, as it also depends on the weather and epidemiological factors. At best, our country would like to organize a competition where it would be possible to let in at least a few fans, and that could be possible in a few months.

Szczyrk ever also goes to the World Cup?

The Szczyrk case opens and the idea of ​​hosting an international match at the Skalite complex is a regular occurrence, but PZN isn’t interested in a single match in the middle of the week. If it had to be all weekend. The specificity of the hill would mean building a portable facility and only doing it for one match, and without the fans it would be completely unprofitable. That’s why it’s rather the tune of the future.

Soon there may also be a problem with the following competitions, because the organization of the World Cup in China, where the pre-Olympic test is scheduled for this season, is uncertain. The jumps there are almost done, but the Chinese are determined to show just how well they can perform in a pandemic. Information on this matter should be out in the coming days.

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