Retirement Plus – New Rates. This is what the thirteenth and fourteenth retirement will be [28.11.2020]

In 2020, the thirteen amounted to PLN 1,200 gross, or approximately PLN 971 “on hand”. It will undergo valorisation in the coming years. The cabinet will ensure that the thirteenth pension will be paid out definitively in 2021. What about the so-called “fourteen”? Look!

We know how much pensions will increase in March. Some people even call it Super Valorization. See the latest information on pensions in the material below.

Thirteenth Retirement – What Do We Know?

The Minister of Family and Social Policy recalls that the 13th pension has already been introduced this year in the form of a law. – It will also be further implemented in 2021, because is included in the budget – explains.

The Department of Family has a reservation that if the indexation index were higher than 104.16%, the old age and disability pensions according to the index will increase. The valorization will also have an impact on the amount of the pension “13”, because it is equal to the minimum pension, ie it will be PLN 1,250 gross.

With an indexation of 103.84 percent. (including the payment of “13”) the total costs amount to PLN 9.6 billion. If the increase is higher, PLN 54 million is needed for retirement and disability benefits and PLN 42 million for the higher “13”.

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Fourteenth retirement – how much will it be?

There is already a bill on the retirement age of 14 years. It was adopted by the government and will work in the Sejm by the end of the year, Marlena Maląg announces.

In an interview with Super Express, Deputy Minister Stanisław Szwed revealed that The 14th pension will be PLN 1,300 gross.

Not everyone receives the same amount as for the 13th pension. The full “fourteen” is to go to peoplewhose benefit does not exceed PLN 2,900 before any deductions, deductions and discounts are made (ie gross). In the case of “fourteen” it is said to be for distributions higher than PLN 2,900 the rule “PLN for PLN” is appliedSo if someone has a pension of, say, PLN 3,100, they get “fourteen” PLN 200 less.

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