Robert Pietryszyn. Who is one of the heroes of Giertych’s recording?

  • In the recording shared by Roman Giertych, Hofman’s collaborator, who we also hear, is his partner and friend, Robert Pietryszyn
  • Hofman and Pietryszyn got to know each other during their studies in Wrocław. They have been loyal friends ever since
  • At the age of 26, Pietryszyn becomes the president of the Zagłębie Lubin football club. The team wins the Polish Championship, and backstage it is said that taking the position was possible thanks to Hofman’s protection.
  • After a new election won by PiS in 2015, Pietryszyn’s career gained momentum again. The businessman became deputy head of PZU and head of the Lotos supervisory board
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In the recording, Hofman and Pietryszyn suggest to Czarnecki that Ziobro is behind his troubles. The billionaire doubts this – refers to Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki and the President of the National Bank of Poland, Adam Glapiński. That’s why Czarnecki doubts he needs someone who can access Ziobro’s ear.

Krupiński is the former president of PZU, then Pekao SA during the PiS times. He is closely related to Zbigniew Ziobra and his brother Witold. Hofman’s partner, who we also hear in the recording, is his partner and friend, Robert Pietryszyn.

Robert Pietryszyn. Studies, the creation of PiS, business

The businessman is from Głubczyce in the Opole region and came to study in Wrocław. There he met future PiS politicians and befriended some of them, such as Hofman.

Together with the party’s former spokesman and Paweł Hreniak – the former Lower Silesian Voivode of PiS, now deputy – they participated in the formation of the structures of the new party, then called Law and Justice.

Pietryszyn became involved in building the Law and Law youth group in his home region, he also became its boss. The career did not last long because of the conflict over a place on the election list.

In 2016, Pietryszyn told Gazeta Wyborcza: – I already worked in university, I started to earn a lot. My boss made it clear at the time: business or political. I chose business and for 10 years I had nothing to do with politics, he stated.

Robert Pietryszyn and the Zagłębie Lubin Championship

A year after PiS won the 2005 elections in which Hofman won a parliamentary seat, Pietryszyn becomes the president of the first-class Lublin Basin.

The club is funded by KGHM, and behind the scenes it is said that the then 26-year-old Pietryszyn got the job thanks to his connections. Zagłębie Lubin wins the national championship under the rule of Pietryszyn, and is himself elected the best president of Ekstraklasa.

When the 2007 elections are won by the Civic Platform, Pietryszyn will cease Zagłębie’s presidency and become Widzew Łódź’s representative for the construction of the stadium. The then President of Wrocław, Rafał Dutkiewicz, brings Pietryszyn back to Wrocław and appoints him Vice President of Wrocław 2012, which will build the stadium for Euro 2012. He will then become the president of the facility.

Robert Pietryszyn. Loans to Hofman

Pietryszyn also rose to fame thanks to the loans he extended to his best friend, Adam Hofman. CBA agents discovered a dozen puzzling transfers to Hofman’s accounts: from Robert Pietryszyn, for a total of 70,000. PLN, and 6 own cash payments for about 140 thousand.

– It was an ordinary and fleeting help from friends, just like between friends – then Pietryszyn said to “Wyborcza”. The CBA has informed the public prosecutor’s office of this, but has not initiated this investigation.

Behind the scenes, it was said that the loans to Hofman were a kind of thank you note from Pietryszyn for his help in his career. Not only for the presidency in Zagłębie Lubin, but also for joining the supervisory boards of state-owned companies, including Ruch, CHP Kalisz and PGE Dystrybucja Rzeszów.

After a new election won by PiS in 2015, Pietryszyn’s career gained momentum again. The businessman became deputy head of PZU and head of the Lotos supervisory board. Currently, Pietryszyn is a partner of the R4S PR company, co-owned by Adam Hofman.

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