RTV subscription. The auditors check who bought the TV and didn’t pay the subscription fee. Be careful! [27.11.2020]

Watch out! Poczta Polska and the National Broadcasting Council monitor people who have bought a television set but have not registered it and are imposing heavy fines on them for not paying for the RTV subscription.

Everyone has to pay for the RTV subscriptionthat have a radio or TV (this applies to a house, apartment or even a car!). The subscription fee is charged once, regardless of how many devices we use.

RTV subscription. You don’t pay. You are in for a severe punishment

Controllers hunt for people who don’t pay RTV subscription takes. People who bought a TV set but didn’t register it were targeted by Poczta Polska and the National Broadcasting Council, the website biznesinfo.pl informs.

From the beginning of this year through August, the inspection of people who bought a TV found irregularities in about 10 thousand. users. In total sanctions have been imposed for a total amount of approximately PLN 6.5 million

The fine for not paying the RTV subscription will be increased to PLN 735.

Recently, the government introduced a new list of RTV subscription rates for 2021 (you’ll find them later in the test), as well as higher penalties for getting around this obligation. Penalty for not paying the RTV subscription will be increased to 735 PLN.

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RTV subscription. New rates from 2021

From 2021 monthly costs for RTV subscription go upstairs and get:

  • 7.50 PLN for radio (currently 7 PLN),
  • PLN 24.50 for the radio with TV (currently PLN 22.70).

IMPORTANT! The fee paid to cable, satellite or digital platforms is not exempt from paying the RTV subscription! We pay the subscription fee for the use of a radio or TV set, and not for the content of broadcast programs.

RTV subscription. You pay in advance, spend less

There are still discounts for those who pay RTV subscription In advance.

Radio costs:

  • PLN 14.60 for two months;
  • PLN 21.60 for three months;
  • 42.80 PLN for six months;
  • PLN 81.00 for the whole calendar year.

Radio costs with TV:

  • 47.50 PLN for two months;
  • 70.60 PLN for three months;
  • PLN 139.70 for six months;
  • PLN 264.60 for the calendar year.

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RTV subscription 2021. Who can be exempted from this obligation?

Exemptions from paying the RTV subscription in 2021 are available for:

  • people aged 75 or older.
  • poor retirees
  • first group of disabled people
  • persons with a certified total incapacity for work
  • people with severe disabilities
  • persons receiving a care allowance or a social pension
  • deaf people
  • blind people
  • persons over 60 years of age who are entitled to a pension of no more than 50% per month
    the average wage in the national economy in the previous year
  • people who meet the income criteria of the Family Benefits Act
  • people who make use of benefits from social assistance benefits
  • unemployed people
  • persons who are entitled to an early retirement benefit
  • people who receive a caring benefit
  • war and military invalids
  • kombatato who are war or military invalids

Detailed list on the website of Poczta Polska

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How and by when to pay for the RTV subscription in 2021?

RTV subscription 2021 you can pay at all post offices and via the Poczta Polska website (in this case we do that at no extra cost).

Deposits can also be made to other financial institutions, but there may be additional charges.

The subscription must be prepaid by the 25th of the month for which payment is due.

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To pay for the RTV subscription, you must know the subscriber’s 26-digit bank account number, which is assigned to each subscriber individually during the recipient registration. Once assigned, the bank account number does not change.

If you do not know the individual account number to which you must transfer the payments RTV subscription, you can determine it as follows:

  • on the website of Poczta Polska SA by providing the 8 digit subscriber identification number (Determine the number b after the individual identification number)
  • by phone on working days between 8-20, on (+48) 43 842 06 06 (charged according to the operator’s price list)

Do you have an overdue RTV subscription? See when the limitation period takes place?

Interest will be charged for late payment of subscription fees.

An open RTV subscription expires after 5 years from the moment the debt arose. This means that if you haven’t paid for your subscription since January 2016, the first month of delay ends in January 2021, not the full five-year debt!

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