Shield 6.0 expanded by the Sejm with new industries

MEPs decided to increase support for entrepreneurs. Exemption from ZUS contributions, PLN 2,080 for parking, PLN 5,000 subsidies and two thousand. PLN grant for workers’ salaries for three months – entrepreneurs affected by Covid-19 will soon be able to apply for such assistance. Who will help?

A larger group of entrepreneurs will request parking once

The group of entrepreneurs who can apply is based on the alternates’ decision extra downtime advantage. According to PKD, it will be a group of 32 entities, not 25 as initially assumed.
In addition to the PKD codes already indicated, entrepreneurs can ask for help with the following codes, after approval by the Senate and repeated votes in the Sejm:

  • 59.14.Z (film screening activities),
  • 79.90.C (other reservation activities, not elsewhere classified), 85.52.Z (extracurricular forms of art education),
  • 85.53.Z (non-school forms of education in the field of driving and piloting),
  • 85.59.A (learning foreign languages)
  • 86.10.Z (operation of hospitals – limited to spa treatment and medical rehabilitation)
  • 90.04.Z (activities of cultural institutions)

The adopted regulations have now been transferred to the Senate.

Shield 6.0 Extended PKD Codes

Source: Prime Minister’s Chancellery

Shield assumptions 6.0

The main Industry Shield 6.0 help solutions are:

    • exemption from ZUS – exemption from the obligation to pay contributions due for the period from November 1, 2020 to November 30, 2020, with the possibility of extension for the following months,
    • one-time supplementary standstill allowance – for persons who have performed any of the specified types of activities as of September 30, 2020, with the option of extending it for subsequent months,
    • suspension of the market fee in 2021 – entrepreneurs save PLN 137 million in total on this solution; the project provides for a compensation for municipalities, from the COVID-19 Countermeasure Fund, for lost income due to the lack of the market compensation in 2021,
    • subsidy for micro and small enterprises – the aid amount will be PLN 5,000 PLN,
    • surcharges in the amount of 2,000 PLN for each workplace, including mandate contracts for 3 months.

      Exemption from paying ZUS contributions

      The law introduces an exemption for the Labor Fund, the Solidarity Fund, the Guarantee Fund and the Bridging Pension Fund from the obligation to pay contributions due for social security and health insurance for the period from 1 November 2020 to 30 November 2020. Exemption from the obligation For the payment of premiums must meet certain conditions, namely:

    • performing any of the specified types of activities from September 30, 2020,
    • application of the entity as premium payer by June 30,
    • which shows that the turnover achieved in November 2020 was at least 40% lower than the turnover achieved in November 2019.
      In a situation where the entrepreneur has paid the premiums before the positive treatment of his application, they will be refunded. The proposed changes also authorize the Council of Ministers to extend the period of exemption from unpaid contributions by means of a regulation, if the situation so requires, and at the same time it is allowed by the State of the state budget.

      Extra one-time stop payment

      The provisions of the Sejm also provide for the introduction of a one-time additional parking benefit for persons who have performed any of the mentioned types of activities on September 30, 2020. This is the Seym the PKD codes of entrepreneurs who can apply for additional funds, expanded from 25 to 32 entities. The additional downtime allowance is 80% of the minimum wage applicable in 2020, or PLN 2,080.00. A condition for receiving this activity is that in October or November 2020 a lower income from this activity of at least 40% is achieved compared to the income achieved in October or November 2019, respectively. As with the parking payment that is in the spring introduced, it will be 80% of the minimum wage, and for persons paying in the form of a tax card – 50% of the minimum wage. This time, only specific industries will benefit from this support, therefore the application will need to be accompanied by a predominant activity type (PKD) statement and a revenue decline statement. Here, too, the government has been given the option of extending the payment term of the benefit for the following months by regulation.

      A low subsidy rate

      A low subsidy is a form of support that micro and small entrepreneurs can apply for. It will be in the form of non-repayable aid, provided that the business activity is carried on for three months from the date of granting the aid. A condition for the use of the subsidy is the performance of a certain type of activity by September 30, 2020, in accordance with the PKD list. Applicant must be active, business activity must not be suspended until September 30, 2020. And the entrepreneur will have to demonstrate that the income from activity obtained in October or November 2020 was at least 40% lower compared to the income obtained in October or November 2019. Therefore, the benefit will not be used by entrepreneurs who started their business in 2020. The grant will be awarded by poviat employment offices, based only on applications submitted electronically through the website, as in the spring. micro loan case.

Co-financing of employee salaries

Job protection benefits are granted in the amount of PLN 2,000 per month to the remuneration of a full-time employee (to the remuneration of a part-time employee in proportion to the working time). Co-financing will also be provided for the remuneration of persons employed under civil law contracts.
A condition for receiving the grant is the period of employment, which is at least 3 months before the application for a benefit is submitted.
The subsidy will not be awarded to those employees whose remuneration obtained in the month preceding the month in which the application for labor protection benefits was submitted exceeded 300% of the average monthly remuneration of the previous quarter announced by the chairman of the Central Station. Bureau of Statistics.
To be eligible for employment protection benefits, an entrepreneur must meet the following conditions:

  • conduct business activities in the above industries as of September 30, 2020, marked as the predominant activity type,
  • the income from this activity earned in one of the three months prior to the month of submission of the application was at least 40% lower compared to
  • income earned in the previous month or in the corresponding month of the previous year,
  • he was not in arrears with payment of tax liabilities, social security contributions, health insurance, Guarantee fund
  • Employees, Labor Fund or Solidarity Fund by the end of the third quarter of 2019,
  • does not meet the conditions for bankruptcy as referred to in art. 11 or article. 13 sec. 3 of the law of February 28, 2003 – Bankruptcy Act,
  • no restructuring or liquidation proceedings are pending against him.
    Applications for the award of place protection benefits shall be submitted electronically to the employment office of the Voivodship competent for the registered office of the entrepreneur.

Shield 6.0 also facilitates the employment of employees

The Industry Shield also introduces Facilitate hiring of workers during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Under the changes that have been made, an employee who has a current medical certificate stating that there are no contraindications to work in an administrative and office position can be assigned to another employer in such a position, without having to send him to him. refer to another initial medical examination.
The employer can only make use of the proposed solution if it establishes that the employee is employed in a position whose conditions correspond to those described in the referral medical examination. Employment facilitation also applies to employees who work in positions other than administrative and office functions. The same or another employer who would employ the future employee does not have to refer him or her for examinations if the employment takes place within 180 days (and not 30 days as it is now) of the termination or termination of the previous employment relationship .
This solution will also apply to people who simultaneously start working for another employer. To make it easier for entrepreneurs and employees to conduct medical examinations on employees, after the recall of the epidemic or epidemic emergency, the deadlines and deadlines for conducting (suspended) preventive examinations on employees have been extended to 180 days.

The deadline for requesting assistance has been extended

Companies that did not meet the conditions in the spring and are only now experiencing the deterioration of the economic situation for the first time can benefit from wage subsidies (application deadline is 10 June 2021), micro loans and a standstill benefit. They have until June 30, 2021.
The currently binding provisions of the March anticovid law of this year. they do not explicitly state the deadline for closing the call for applications for entrepreneurial support. This means that for the use of resources from the Labor Fund to finance activities in 2020, poviat and voivodship employment offices until December 31, 2020.

The currently adopted settlement has been forwarded to the Senate, which will meet on November 25, 2020.

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