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New information just appeared – let me see

Zajc’s weak attempt – 100.5 m. The talented Slovenian might be missing tomorrow …

120.5 m. Kamil did his job. There were no fireworks, but hopefully he will leave them tomorrow. The pole is third.

A decent attempt by Peter Prevc – 120 m and certainly promotion. Now Stoch.

Wąsek jumped 113.5 m and it is a very sure qualification for tomorrow’s race. Mission accomplished.

124 m Schiffner is the best distance. The third position, however.

Bad luck for Sakala! The Czech ski finished its skis at 95.5 m and eventually fell. Fortunately not dangerous.

The launch bar has been increased two more steps to 18.

Johansson also failed to reach the hundredth meter (98.5 m). However, a strong tailwind got him promotion.

After Nakamura’s broken jump, Insam, who was 99 m, is happy with the promotion, which says a lot about the level of today’s race.

120.5 m Aalto. The Finn is the new leader.

106.5 m Wellinger. There is promotion, but for the Olympic champion there is still a long and tedious search for form.

Finally a successful jump. Jelar reaches 120 m and of course takes the lead.

106 m Schmid which is the best distance after 14 jumps. In addition, 14 players will be eliminated from qualifying.

The beam went up two steps. The Austrian Haagen jumps 104 m and is the first.

94 m Tande. A weak jump, but after eight players … it’s a lead.

There are more Finns on the bar, but their results are mediocre. Neither of them has reached the hundredth meter.

Qualifying was started by the year old Mico Ahonen. The level is the same as in the training – 80.5 m. We will wait a little longer for the Polish performances. The first will be Wąsek.

Qualification starts on bar 14. We can safely say it will change several times during the match. In Ruka, the changing wind plays tricks.

But this time Granerud will not win the practice! Eisenbichler registered a beautiful flight at 139.5 m and he is the winner of the trial session! This time the best of the Poles, the third Żyła. Kubacki was seventh and Murańka was fifteenth. The rest have to improve in qualifying, which starts in less than fifteen minutes.

130.5 m They were alive, which put me in charge for a while – compared to other components of the note! The Pole was quickly jumped by … Granerud (130.5 m). The Norwegian is absolutely the best show jumper in the field today.

The Pole jumped from a run three bars shorter than the German’s attempt.

Kubacki is brilliant too! 135 me is second!

143 m Paschke! What a beautiful flight! It was slightly shorter than the hill record (147.5 m), but the German has something to be happy about.

She groaned at a good level too. 123 m and ninth place after his jump.

Murańka is definitely better! 129 m and currently fifth place.

Only 112.5 m Stocha. We don’t wait for such jumps …

The Norwegian Forfang (130m) takes the lead after forty jumps in the third practice. We are still waiting for five Poles.

Only 106 m narrow in the third practice. We are counting on an improvement in qualification.

The studio started in Eurosport 1 for qualifying.

Mico Ahonen turns 19 today. It is not yet a successful celebration. The son of the famous Janne achieved 70, 88 and 86 m respectively. With such jumps he can forget about qualifications.

The last test series starts in Ruce. Qualifying starts at 4.45 pm.

Granerud again wins the second practice. The best in Poland, this time the fourth Żyła. Murańka, Stoch and Stękała also made the top ten. Kubacki finished in 11th place.

Eisenbichler also presented brilliantly. 138 m and second place.

Granerud is more than 13 points more than the second Sato.

Graneruda 140 m! What a shape! The Norwegian flew completely away from his rivals!

131 m. It’s right behind Sato, in second place!

In the meantime, Kubacki reached 124 m. It is currently eighth.

132 m Sato and 133 m Paschke. Now they lead the way.

Stękała is 131.5 meters high and is third. It looks beautiful as all three leading three are currently Poles!

Wow! 133 meters from Murańka and now it’s the first!

Another great jump from Stoch today. The pole gained 130.5 m and leads in the second practice.

The first training has already taken place in Ruka. The Norwegian Granerud won, and the best Pole was Stoch. The three-time Olympic champion achieved the fourth result.

As in previous years, the weather in Ruce can now surprise the riders. Rukatunturi is known for its gusty gusts of wind that cause major problems for the organizers.

The World Cup program in Ruce (Kuusamo) consists of three days of competition. Two individual competitions are planned in Finland. They are preceded by qualifications

They are accompanied by special precautions. The players are tested regularly and the events are held without fans.

Ski jumping in the 2020/2021 season started a week ago in Wisła and ends in March in Planica.

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