“The farmer is looking for a wife.” A scandal in the program? The contestant has his ears – o2

Józef is the oldest participant in the 7th edition of “The farmer is looking for a wife”. Still, she wants to get to know someone else and try to build a new life for herself.

On the show, he said he was just looking for love. However, it turned out he had his ears behind him. It is not without reason that internet users nicknamed him “fast hands”.


The grown man did not spare the ladies several comments and fluff. He was convinced that Apolonia, Grażyna and & nbspEwa even dream of & nbsptym to stay with & nbspnim. How wrong he was …

On a date, we and nbspJózek said what we wanted. I categorically stated that I was going home, and I would like to stay, I wish you the best of luck – & nbsp said Apolonia out loud.

“The farmer is looking for a wife.” He didn’t shake himself …

Despite Apolonia’s strong words, the man did not shake himself. He still thought the other ladies were crazy about him and that he could do whatever he wanted. “Quick hands” went to & nbspruch … In the end he was left alone on the farm, which is certainly a failure for him.


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