The Ministry of Sports returns in a new formula. The current minister becomes the president

For a long time the politicians of Law and Justice did not know who would take over the powers of the ministry, which was closed during the last reconstruction of the government. One of the plans was to hand over sports to Deputy Prime Minister Jacek Sasin, who led the Polish delegation for the organization of the 2023 European Games, as well as government plenipotentiary for their organization in Poland. However, it was decided that the liquidated ministry would be placed under the wing of the Minister of Culture, Piotr Gliński.

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Confusion at the Ministry. Personnel and personnel changes

In September, Onet announced that Gliński would be replaced in this role by Deputy Minister of Sport, Anna Krupka, who joined the group of his associates. It was once counted among the “angels” of Jarosław Kaczyński. It is now known that she will have to oversee the sport after the rebuilding of the government.

However, it was still unclear what would happen to the current Minister of Sport, Danuta Dmowska-Andrzejuk. According to Onet, PiS politicians would proclaim that “Morawiecki promised not to leave her out in the cold.” The former spade girl agreed to join the government, but the disbandment of the ministry would end her short career in this sector.

However, it is now being tried out at the National Sports Center; as early as November, she became prime minister plenipotentiary for its creation. The provisions on the establishment of this body are controversial. Their content appeared in the same amendment to the Public Administration Act, expressly passed by the Sejm, under which some deputy ministers will receive a 100 percent pay rise.

Controversy over NCS. “It’s suicide”

According to the amendment, the National Sports Center is under the supervision of the Minister of Culture, but with all the obligations that the Ministry of Sports has fulfilled so far. – These changes are implemented by the administration itself. She will not ask those who work in this sport because she knows better anyway – said Jan Szopiński, quoted by Onet.

The deputy left also revealed that the law had been passed by the Sejm for only two days and that its contents were not consulted with anyone from the sports community. “It’s just suicide,” he said.

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In accordance with the rules adopted by the Sejm, a person will be elected president of the National Sports Center “through open and competitive recruitment”. However, the first president will be elected by the prime minister at the request of the Minister of Culture. The salary of the head of this office is approximately 10,000. PLN gross.

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