The prosecutor’s office will investigate whether the police officers exceeded their powers during the independence march

Despite the ban on 11 November, several thousand people passed through the streets of Warsaw. Among other things, there were to set fire to one of the apartments with a torch and clashes between hooligans and police units on the roundabout of de Gaulle and near the National Stadium. 35 officers were injured.

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Set fire to the apartment during the Independence March. Police detained the 36-year-old

During the illegal march on November 11 there were riots. There are also objections to the actions of the police

As the spokesman for the police headquarters in Warsaw later reported. Sylwester Marczak, more than 300 people were arrested during the illegal march. In 270 cases, the detainees were released immediately after the proceedings were carried out. 260 people were punished with fines. There were 40 criminal events.

– We are talking about breach of immunity, theft, insulting a police officer, possession of drugs, or participation in a crowd. We have secured more than 100 pyrotechnic products, a stunning gun and telescopic batons. We have also secured the weapon, which will be analyzed by an expert – reported Marczak.

Even during the illegal march of nationalists, recordings of police officers hitting journalists with clubs began to appear on social media – such incidents took place, for example, at Warszawa Stadium station. A stun grenade was also thrown at media representatives and tear gas was used against them. On the other hand, Tygodnik Solidarność’s photojournalist was hit in the face with a rubber bullet on the roundabout of de Gaulle. The officers insist that their actions were in response to attacks by hooligans, who threw stones and torches at the officers.

RMF FM: The Prosecution will investigate the behavior of police officers during the illegal march on November 11

The controversy regarding the activities of the police must now be investigated by the prosecutor’s office. As established by the RMF FM radio, upon request from the police themselves, who have provided the relevant documentation, investigators must make the so-called legal and criminal assessment of the conduct of officers. It depends on the judgment of the prosecutors whether an investigation into the violation of powers against the police is opened.

Whether or not an investigation into the violation of uniformed powers is launched depends on the institution’s judgment.

At the same time, there is internal control at the Warsaw Police Headquarters itself. According to radio findings, the police have a problem identifying the officers wearing helmets who participated in securing the march. “This is because the members of the unit who were sent there do not admit to anything” – informs RMF FM.

Wanted in connection with the incidents during the Independence MarchIndependence march. The police publish images of the new wanted

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