“The voice of Poland”. The production gave color to reality in the last episode. Audience: badly done

Last Saturday, viewers could admire the participants of the 11th edition of “The Voice of Poland” in the closing stages of the final. Unfortunately, due to restrictions and the pandemic, the “lajfa” was not broadcast live and the episode was taped a few days earlier. However, the production wanted to color reality too much and added reactions from the audience that were not present in the studio during the editing. Viewers have already expressed dissatisfaction with this fact in the comments.

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Edyta Górniak did not accept the money for the concert. Why?

“The voice of Poland”. In the empty studio, the audience cheers

The first “live” is behind us. Sixteen finalists (four from each team) presented themselves on the podium. The most surprising decision was made by Edyta Górniak, who presented the “golden ticket” to the participant who, in her opinion, did not suit the team. However, viewers were shocked by something else. Despite the empty audience, every performance was rewarded with thunderous applause from … the audience of previous editions. Internet users criticized this idea.

Audience insertions at primary school level. It’s very bad to watch. The artificial applause is instantly recognizable. Such technology now, and done so badly.

Without applause it would be much better and those interludes with the audience from earlier stages – they wrote

It’s good that participants didn’t give in to previous editions – others added.

Michał SzpakMichał Szpak recorded a song in support of the Women’s Strike. He is accompanied by another trainer from “The Voice”

The fact is that the procedure was unsuccessful and in fact you get conflicting impressions from watching the show. The decision on the production is very surprising, however, as viewers have already expressed their disgust at the introduction of this method a few weeks ago – during the blind auditions, the audience’s seats were empty, but the participants were applauded by the “slotted”. audience. Do you think this will not happen in the second last episode? May!

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