These ZODIAC SIGNS do not match. They definitely shouldn’t be together. You better avoid these ZODIAC SIGNS [11.11.20]

There are many factors that determine whether two people are compatible. Some of them are independent from us – according to astrology, this group includes the signs of the zodiac. Some of them are made for each other, while others should avoid a wide berth – the difference in characters is too great to interact with each other. Which signs should absolutely not be together? Which signs should you pay more attention to? Asks the fairy Bellatrix.

These ZODIAC SIGNS do not match. Their relationship is a ticking time bomb. Horoscope 2020

The signs of the zodiac are conventional symbols of the 12 types of human characters. Each of them are unique and unique and represent a whole host of pros and cons. So it’s no surprise that some characters fit together like a glove and others need to stay apart. Some drawing configurations are like a combination of water and fire – their coexistence is simply not possible.

The fairy Bellatrix presents the most turbulent connections between the boards. Due to the difference in character, these characters cannot get along. Who should you not get involved with? See what the fairy’s predictions say about it.

“A successful marriage depends on two things: finding the right person and being the right person.” – Jackson Brown

What is your starsign? Look below!

Not sure which zodiac sign you represent? The signs of the zodiac are assigned to our dates of birth. Find your birthday below and find out which character you are!

  • Wodnik (20.01-18.02)
  • Fishing (2 / 19-20 / 03)
  • Baran (21.03-19.04)
  • Byk (20.04-20.05)
  • Gemini (May 21-21)
  • Cancer (22.06-22.07)
  • Lew (23.07-22.08)
  • Panna (23.08-22.09)
  • Weight (23.09-22.10)
  • Skorpion (23.10-21.11)
  • Sagittarius (November 22-21)
  • Capricorn (22 / 12-19 / 01)


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