What do you need to know about the Fortnite Season 4 End Event? Gift, dates, trailers

In just three days, a new event will take place in Fortnite. What do you need to know about it?

The event is upon us. Let’s recall the most important things you should know about him. Definitely a date at the beginning. The event starts on December 1, 2020 at 10:00 PM. However, don’t forget to log in to the game at least an hour earlier.

We’ve taken steps to get more people into the event, but we still recommend that everyone log in to Fortnite at least 60 minutes before it starts. We expect event mode to go live 30 minutes before it starts.

As always, there is of course only a special game mode for the event. It is something that everyone knows very well.

Free gift for the event

PeQuLeaks says on its Twitter that you will actually receive a prize for participating in the event. However, so far it is completely unknown what this award is.

It is speculated that it is not about a skin, but more of a hang glider, a backpack, a paint job or perhaps a collector. Definitely something in the spirit of Galactus and fighting it.

“You recently participated in an event and you won this award, well done!”

We have to wait now. Sure, at this point players collect their free hang gliders to participate in tournaments, but it is not the same reward as shown above.

Trailers of the event

So far, some trailers have appeared. A short video and images have been officially added.

Until now, no one has decrypted Epic’s messages and it is unlikely anyone will be able to do it. Mainly because it is part of the story only developers know. It is clear that gamma cells will somehow contribute to the upcoming event, but it is not yet known how.

The second announcement is more interesting. The official description is:

World Eater Fighting Galactus Tip # 87: Don’t forget your jetpack. Get ready for the final battle on Tuesday December 1 at 10:00 PM CEST “

What is known from this? Players will certainly use jet packs during the event. There is no doubt about that. The skins shown in the images are not exactly selected but represent the variety.

Pause between Fortnite seasons 4 and 5

Until now, all of the information regarding the upcoming hiatus in Fortnite’s operation has primarily related to leaks. However, in yesterday’s news of “The Fortnite Team” there was a very important message that seems to confirm the scenario with a pause.

All because the last event to end Season 4 is scheduled for December 1, 2020 at 10 PM. Meanwhile, the Fortnite Crew won’t go on sale until a day later, on December 2.

As we read in the official announcement:

December 2, with the launch of Chapter 2 Season 5we introduce the Fortnite Crew – a fantastic subscription with access to Fortnite content not to be missed! “

“December 2 with the premiere” – the event takes place the day before, while the season does not start until December 2. However, it can be assumed that the event will be long, with only two hours from 10pm until December 2.

Epic nowhere officially states whether it is 00:00 or maybe another time. Speakers who are convinced that they have found specific information about the time come to the rescue.

According to ShiinaBR, the season should start at 7AM GMT, which is 8:00 CEST. This would be in line with previous seasons and could even be true. Then the break lasts a total of 10 hours.

The above image with a countdown to the start time should appear in the game.

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