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Why did William leave Kate? He was convinced by Prince Charles

Why did Prince William and Princess Kate split up?

Prince William and Princess Kate were divorced in 2008 for two months. What was the reason for the break in their relationship? What effect does Prince Charles have on Prince's decision? New details will be announced.

Prince William he met his future wife during his studies or, to be precise, during a fashion show Kate Middleton she was one of the models that appeared on the catwalk. The prince who watched the spectacle in the company of friends, apparently he was speechless with the impression of seeing his future wife. At that moment he decided to fight for her attention to be permanently connected to her in the future.

Their relationship developed slowly. In the beginning they were just friends, then something more joined them. The couple unexpectedly disintegrated in 2007. As shown in the documentary about Princess Kate, he stood for everything Prince Charles. Sensational information has been betrayed by a California journalist, Christopher Andersen.

An American reporter claims that it was up to his father William that he asked for advice about the future with his beloved when their relationship was in crisis. According to Anderson, Prince Cambridge came to the office of the Prince of Wales, to whom he would say:

Listen, I'm 25, I'm too young to marry.

Charles, in the interests of Kate's future, admitted that William would come out of her life:

It would be unfair for a young lady who could no longer give her. That is why you should end it Prince William had to hear it.

After he had had the conversation, William called Kate. On April 11, 2008, Middleton picked up the phone and heard an unpleasant message from her lover. Although the couple broke up, and the future Duchess even found a new object of sighing, William fought for her favors again. Then Diana's son realized that he could not imagine the future alongside another woman, and what was more – he saw the decision to marry a beautiful brunette from Berkshire.

The couple returned to each other about two months later – in June and three years later, in April 2011, she married. From that moment on they created a happy family and three children were awaited: George, Charlotte and Louis.

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