Zygmunt Chajzer showed a picture of the hospital. He underwent major surgery [FOTO]

Zygmunt Chajzer published a photo from a hospital bed. On Thursday, the son of the presenter Filip Chajzer announced that his father had health problems and had to undergo surgery. How is she now?

Zygmunt Chajzer is now after surgery. On Thursday, Filip Chajzer posted a message on social media in which he talked about his father’s health problems. He has not revealed what exactly his father was sick of. However, he revealed that the 66-year-old would undergo major surgery.

– Dear. Those who follow my FB and I INSTA know how important the relationship with my dad is to me. In general, as Chajzers, we are very family. We love to enjoy together. Every Sunday is our holiday, not to mention name days or birthdays. But my birthday will be different tomorrow. T.He greeted me yesterday. He had major surgery today. Please keep your fingers crossed for his health – Filip Chajzer stated on his Instagram on Thursday.

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Zygmunt Chajzer in hospital after surgery [ZDJĘCIE]

Fans of Zygmunt Chajzer hoped the man would recover quickly. The next day after the operation, a well-known presenter published a photo from the hospital. He thanked everyone for the warm words and revealed that he was doing well.

– Sweet! Everything is fine, thank you for your great support! I’m going out on Monday and eating what’s on the home table! (Along with the table) – wrote Zygmunt Chajzer.

We wish you a speedy return to full power.

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