ACAP welcomes the decision to revise the tolls

The Automotive Association of Portugal (ACAP) welcomed this Thursday with the inclusion of vehicles up to 1.30 meters and the gross weight to 2300 kilograms in class 1 of tolls on the highway, as the change the Discrimination in the sector. Hélder Pedro, Secretary General of ACAP, has already considered that this government decision in the Council of Ministers "immediately removes the distortions on the market and also solves the restrictions on the car industry in Portugal."

Unintentionally pointing out the influences that this government measure can have in terms of sales in the automotive sector, Hélder Pedro preferred to speak in court when the António Costa government from São Bento determined that vehicles those who pay less toll the gross weight of less than or equal to 2300 kilograms and height to the first axis up to 1.30 meters, "put an end to discrimination" that existed in the sector.

"We think it will not increase sales, it will be more justice, because there were models that did not sell according to this criterion and therefore all have a chance to be on the market, this is what we defend, market value , "justified H Pedro, for whom, after a phase where people" chose the models that did not pay class 2 "if they wanted to go on highways, there will now be" an elasticity in demand ".

In this case, "a choice more diverse models", as well as an increase in traffic on the highways, which means "sales also increase," he said. Moreover, according to the secretary-general of ACAP, the now approved law decree adapts to the evolution of the sector, since the previous class definition did not "take into account the new reality of the market."

Class correction was claimed by the sector, namely by the PSA group, which has a plant in Mangualde and said that the investment in Portugal could be at risk if the toll payment model linked to the vehicle height was maintained. With the current toll model, the new vehicle in Mangualde, which is more than 1.10 meters high, must be included in Class 2 and now Class 1.

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