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The revision of the collective labor agreement (CCT) of the 11,000 employees of the units represented by the Association of Hotel Industry and Comparable Workers of the Algarve (AIHSA) will allow a 3% pay increase.

The CCT, which has the potential to employ 11,000 employees and 800 companies, was published on 8 August in the Bulletin Employment and Employment No. 29, with effect from 1 January 2018, and retroactive substances must be paid within 90 days.

According to one of the seven trade union structures involved in the negotiations, the salary scale agreed in 2018 is "an average wage increase of around 3%".

In addition to other matters, a food allowance of € 50 / month, a 50% increase in the night labor allowance, an increase of 200% of the work on a weekly rest day and public holidays, an increase of 100% in additional work, a debit payment of EUR 32 / month and a language allowance of EUR 23 / month for each language (French, English or German).

"With this 3% salary increase and the very low food subsidy amount – from € 42 to € 50, there is a new step in replacing some of the income lost by employees in recent years," he added. said the Hotelaria do Algarve Trade Union, in a statement.

"It is a way that we want to continue in the revision of the CST for the following year", the trade unionists conclude.

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