Airlines extend the flight time to avoid paying compensation aviation

Ten years ago, aircraft took less time to reach their destination. Is this the conclusion of a report released on Monday by Which ?, A British brand of consumer support, showing that some flights from Ryanair, Easyjet, British Airways and Virgin Atlantic take up to 35 minutes longer than there are ten years.

This delay can be explained by the room for maneuver that airlines have created to improve their punctuality, to prevent passengers from receiving compensation and that the delays do not affect the other flights scheduled for the day, the document reads.

Which researchers? Analyzed flight hours for 125 routes analyzed and realized that 76 of these routes lasted longer than in 2008, despite the progress in the aircraft industry.

Different cases

The report gives the example of Ryanair: nine of the 11 analyzed routes last more than ten years ago in 2018.

In the case of Virgin Atlantic flights, nine of the 12 aircraft analyzed were also longer than before, with a flight between Heathrow Airport in London and Newark Airport that lasted 35 minutes.

In the 26 Easyjet flights analyzed, 16 were slower. To travel with an Easyjet flight from London Gatwick Airport to Schonefeld Airport in Berlin, it takes another 19 minutes than in 2008.

"Passengers probably feel that this extra time is more an example for airlines to cheat," noted the editor of What & # 39; s Travel? ", Rory Boland told the British newspaper. The Guardian.

"These higher flight times mean that passengers spend more time waiting in the cargo space or even on the plane, so that companies can go to the destination with pleasure," he added.

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