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theThe agreements were signed by the president of the Portuguese press agency Nicolau Santos and by the counterparts of Angolan public television (TPA), José Guerreiro and the national radio of Angola (RNA), Josué Isaías.

Two of the protocols were signed with the RNA and one with the TPA, which focus among other things on aspects related to training, exchange of experiences and information exchange.

Two other agreements in the same direction should soon be signed with the Angolan Lusa counterpart, Angop and Edições Novembro, which holds the Jornal de Angola.

"There is a protocol with TPA, which is essentially training, and there are two with RNA, one that is part of training and other services, as a warning about everything the president leaves [angolano], João Lourenço. Then we were asked for specific services, which will be renewed every three months, if there is interest, for example the departure of João Lourenço from Angola, "explains Lusa Nicolau Santos.

"There is a protocol with ANGOP, which contains a small detail in a protocol that we have to fill in. The protocol with ANGOP has training, but also has an exchange of information between the two agencies, which also had to be signed, but because the president had to sign Angola. leaving it was not possible, but I think this week, perhaps on Friday, can still be signed in Lisbon, "he added.

Regarding the Portuguese news agency for the expansion of its services in Angola, the President of Lusa emphasized that it is a "clear signal that the company" is about to stay or to restart cooperation with the Angolan media. and expand the operation in the country. "

"There is a detail that makes it possible to avoid all obstacles in Angola, that the operations in Kwanzas will be done, and we will put a lot of effort into the formation and with the money that we will eventually reach with our partners, we will re-launch our action not only in terms of quality, but also in the production of video, I do not know if we can do it, but by the end of the year we think we have a & # 39; antenna & # 39; Lobito / Benguela axis, which seems decisive for us to get a better coverage of Angola, "he explained.

Nicolau Santos recalled that the Angolan media minister João Melo publicly said about two months ago that he saw Lusa with good eyes who signed training agreements with media in Angola, because there is a big shortage of training.

Present at the signing, which also signed a cooperation protocol between RTP and TPA, João Melo repeated his statement about two months ago, when a high level delegation from Lusa was in Luanda, noting that this concern reflects the great interest shown by the governments of the two countries attach to these agreements.

"The exchange in the field of communication is fundamental to stimulate even more complex relations between Angola and Portugal. I want the agreement to work well and that it will succeed and that new actions can be developed in due course", says João. Melo.

José Guerreiro, President of TPA, appreciated the two agreements signed with Lusa and RTP, pointing out that in the case of television many of the staff of the Angolan public station were formed in the Portuguese congener.

"It is this practice that we want to develop. We have professionals who want us to improve their performance, who need to know better what the world is like, in Portugal and Brazil," he added.

"The exchange of experiences, the exchange of news, the exchange of information with Lusa is of fundamental importance for the development of our work. Today we do not communicate in a static and isolated way – values ​​for our station," says José Guerreiro.

In the same spirit, the president of the RNA, Josué Isaías, declared that "the courtship [entre Lusa e rádio pública angolana] started about two months ago and quickly became a much more serious relationship. "

"With this agreement we will in principle enter into a relationship that can steer the exchange of content, audits and texts between the two institutions in the coming years to solve this handicap", he said.

Finally, Gonçalo Reis, president of RTP, considered that the agreement with Angolan public television consists of a commitment to work, develop and share content exchanges, as well as to increase the number of co-productions and also training in the human field. resources.

"The commitment of RTP Africa and TPA in the area of ​​coproduction and training, and the continuation of the logic that RTP Africa works in a logic of content, in which the African operators are involved, in which the TPA has a prominent role, because of the quality very important of the work that has evolved, "Gonçalo Reis said.

According to Gonçalo Reis, "another pillar of this protocol [entre a RTP e a TPA] is the sharing of knowledge, training and development of human resources with a very good work done by the TPA ", reason why the Portuguese public television only" meets the needs "of the station of Angola television, is over.

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