Angolan Kwanza back to devaluation and already a loss of 42.7% for the euro – Observer

The euro is traded from Wednesday to 312.1 kwanzas, after the last auction of foreign currencies carried out by the National Bank of Angola (BNA), with the participation of 20 commercial banks. With this new sales price of the European single currency, the Angolan kwanza recorded a depreciation of 42.76%, as the floating exchange rate system came into force on 9 January.

About a week ago, in another currency auction, the euro was set at 306.4 kwanzas. During the last auction, which took place on Monday, the Angolan central bank made available 35 million euros, the same amount as the amount sold to the commercial banks last week, to cover various activities.

With this session, the US dollar is now traded against 272.9 kwanzas on the primary market compared to 268.02 kwanzas a week ago. This Wednesday, in the parallel market, the European single currency will be exchanged for 430 kwanzas and the dollar against 375 kwanzas.

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